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Man, there have been so many things over the last week or so that I've wanted to post about, and others' posts I've wanted to comment on.  There's been so much going on, however, that I haven't had the time to actually do so. Sorry for my scarce presence on the internets of late. I keep typing up part of a post, and then not having time to finish... So I guess this is gonna be a bit of a mixed collection of everything that's been going on.

Been working on the editing for TEACH a lot, of course. They weren't able to send me all the articles at the beginning, so I wound up getting a lot one at a time right toward the end. So kinda hectic, but manageable this time, since she didn't object to my extending the deadline a bit.
My grandma's also been here for the last week (well, step-grandma, technically, my grandpa re-married in his 70s), so when I haven't been editing I've pretty much been spending time with her.

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LOL, well, kind of, sort of, temporarily, at any rate.

I'm now done with my work on the first volume of the book I'm editing, and the man's going to be focusing on getting that ready for publication for a bit, so it's likely to be a while before he has something from the second volume ready for me. So now, having edited two chapters from her current story and one other section of a story for Nef, edited a Thanksgiving article for my mom, helped her straighten out a bit of difficult correspondence, and gotten a better handle on various school-type work that's had to be set to the side recently... I've finally got time to work on reviews for the lovely stories I've been reading! Karate is today, so that'll be taking up most of the morning, but this afternoon I hope to finally sit down and write out some of the stuff I've been thinking over.

*sighs happily*

And on an unrelated note:

And I must now be off... but I shall return!


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