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Lost: A Sense of Proportion

Because the little things DO matter!

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Birthdate:Apr 12
Location:United States of America
Suilad, I'm Imbecamiel, aka Cami. I'm a Christian, was homeschooled preschool through highschool, and into college.

I've always loved books and spent nearly every spare moment reading. Up until about seven years ago, however, I thought I absolutely loathed writing, and everything to do with it. Then I discovered fanfiction... Now I like writing well enough, and I've also discovered another passion - editing. Yeah, most people think I'm insane, but I really do love to edit. So, I've been working as an editor for a number of years now, and am currently doing mainly freelance work, in addition to working for two magazines, one quarterly and one a monthly online magazine. My special loves in both reading and editing are fantasy and science fiction (and I hope one day to specialize as a fiction editor), but I enjoy reading and editing a wide variety of books and articles, fiction and non-fiction.

Also, I may have a tendency to become absolutely obsessed with elements of punctuation and grammar, and rant/express strong opinions about various aspects of writing. However, you can rest assured that does *not* mean I'll be going over your fanfiction, e-mails, or posts (or even my own, at times!) with a magnifying glass, looking for errors to pounce on. I may get obsessed and rant about the world at large and common mistakes that irritate me, but on an individual basis I'm actually very merciful and friendly :) And when it comes to interacting with writers, I see an editor's (or reviewer's, in the case of fanfic) job as that of building up and encouraging them to be the best they can, not nitpicking and pointing out every little flaw (unless I'm asked to, of course!). So yeah, in short: don't be afraid to talk to me because you happen to see me rant! I don't bite, really.

And... I'll probably write more later :)

Interests (150):

animals, aragorn, archery, art, artemis fowl, awesome dinosaurs, batman begins, beau brocaide, bible, books, butterflies, c.s. lewis, caffeine, calligraphy, captain kirk, carson beckett, cats, celtic music, chauvelin, chivalry, chocolate, christianity, chronicles of narnia, cool villians, count of monte christo, daniel jackson, dragonheart, dragons, drawing, dryads, editing, elizabeth weir, elladan and elrohir, elves, england, esimas, ever after, faeries, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy/sci-fi, fiction, flat-coated retrievers, forests, geeks, george macdonald, glorfindel, grammar, griffins, heroes, hidalgo, hobbits, homeschooling, humor, indianna jones, ivanhoe, j.r.r. tolkien, jack o'neill, jane austen, jane austin, jane eyre, jewelry, john sheppard, john watson, karate, karen hancock, kirk, kirotis, knights, latin, legolas, les miserables, lestrade, libraries, literature, long hair, lord of the rings, macgyver, major lorne, mccoy, medieval dresses, mellon chronicles, middle ages, music, mythological creatures, mythology, naiads, narnia, national treasure, numb3rs, obi-wan, peter pan, phantom of the opera, piano, pirates of penzance, pirates of the caribbean, pirates of the carribean, plot bunnies, pride and prejudice, queen's thief series, quenya, qui-gon jin, reading, recurve bows, riverdance, robin hood, rodney mckay, ronan dex, ronon dex, saavik, sarek, scented candles, sci-fi, science fiction, sconces, sherlock holmes, sindarin, sir percival blakeney, sir walter scott, sketching, snow, soundtracks, spiderman, spock, sprickle pickles, star trek, star trek: tos, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, steampunk, stories of friendship, superman returns, surak, swords, teyla emmagan, the french revolution, the princess bride, the scarlet pimpernel, the silmarillion, theology, tolkien, treljerin, vulcans, white collar, wolverine, write sisters, writing, x-men, zorro
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