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 Ahhh, much as I enjoy vacations, it is good to be home. 

Had lots of fun this last week. Did a bunch of shopping, mostly at thrift stores. Found some really nice, long skirts, a few shirts - got new green and yellow ones. For some reason, I can have any other color shirt I want, but if I get a nice green or yellow one, it gets stained. Herm. Here's hoping these are presentable a little longer than others have been. *g* 

I got a bunch of new sketch pads, and some new pencils too. There's one craft store there... well, suffice it to say, I got four good new sketch books - including one large one - for about the price I'd normally expect to pay for maybe one or two of them, depending on where I got them. Hehe, and I needed the new ones, too - I've just got one page left in my current sketch book. Apparently I am becoming more prolific. I don't think it was really smaller than the ones I've been using, but where it typically takes me right about a year to fill one completely, this one took me just over six months, I believe. And I was doing several sketches to a page much more often than I have in the past. o.o 

Also got a fun-looking new Star Trek novel (99 cents - why not?). *wistful sigh* It is so much fun to look through books at thrift stores, greeting all the old friends, finding new, interesting ones.... Unfortunately, it always gives me the urge to go and buy them all, which, yeah, doesn't work so well. You know what I'd really like to be? A bibliopath. (Yeah, noooo idea of that even resembles correct linguistics - I'm tired, mmkay?) But - you know, a telepath can read/sense others' thoughts? And empaths sense feelings? Yeah, I wish I could just pick up a book and get a feel for it. Not instantly read it, or know the plot, or anything like that - that would take all the fun away. But to be able to get a sense for what sort of book it is, and just.... Ahem. Anyhow. Yeah, had fun, still managed to restrain myself. ;)

AND - I found a two-disk special edition DVD set of "Search for Spock". In practically new condition. For four dollars. *dies*

Speaking of Star Trek, y'know what's awesome? When it's on TV all day. *geeky bliss* Yeeeah, I don't have that many opportunities to watch anything besides the Original Series, so this trip is always my time to catch some episodes of the various series. (I have decided that I like Star Trek Enterprise. *nods* Tucker may be one of my favorite characters in it. The fact that he was Michael in SGA - such a nasssty villain - and seems like such a sweet guy in this adds to the fun. ;D) 

And with all the geeky wonderfulness, sci-fi has begun to really invade my dreams, more than usual. I don't mean just the occasional random appearance by Picard or Ronon - though there were those, yes. *g* But also, hmmm, one in particular with a whole world, various races, snatches of intriguing plot, which had me hurrying to write down notes as soon as I woke up, 'cause it actually still made sense then. And sketching. *pats cuuute little bat-dragons* I think I may have to post a few little sketches tomorrow, when I can get them scanned in. ^.^

Also, it is snowing like crazy right now. And it's actually accumulating, too. 

I love Minnesota. My state is insane. :D

(So am I. I should get some sleep now. That ought to help at least a little.)

Nov. 28th, 2009 10:05 pm
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... just... saw the new Star Trek movie....

I - he - they - Really cool.


Yes, I am ever so slightly dazed and incoherent at the moment. I think this is one I'm going to have to see again before I can truly fangirl (it was the same way with the LOTR movies, actually - liked the first time, but was a bit too overwhelmed to say I really loved them until I saw them again). But. Yeah. I think I'm going to be buying this. Two-disc version. With deleted scenes.

My current favorite line: "Get out of the chair." *giggles hysterically*

I'm so glad they're making a second one.

*keels over*


May. 9th, 2009 10:15 pm
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Well, I'm home! And very, very tired. So, because I have had a stressful and exhausting day, I decided to do a post of random funnies, and a couple miscellaneous thoughts.

Many funny pics, and two random ponderings )

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(NOTE: I feel like declaring right up front here that, while this post might be said to have something of a fishy theme, it has nothing whatsoever to do with April Fools day. While I'm most definitely not immune to amusement at a well-played prank - yes, even ones of which I'm a victim - and have quite enjoyed those which I've come across via the internet today, I'm not generally one to perpetrate such things myself. And I'm not really in the mood to think up anything today, anyway. So - no need to look deeper than the surface, wondering if there's a joke, here. ;) )

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Well, I've been snowed in for the last two days. Unfortunately, life has not been particularly kind of late, so rather than the couple of peaceful days to catch up on stuff that I might've expected, things have been rather crazy, culminating today in a marked increase in my recent computer woes, complete with virus (which I am still not entirely certain I have dealt with effectively). And I burnt my fingers while cooking. Heh.

So, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I have decided to post some cool stuff I've come across recently.

Prank-free zone - just random neat stuff.  )

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We're at the hotel now. Havin' lots of fun, doing a bunch of shopping, watching movies, staying up late and sleeping in, letting the dog swim in Lake Superior, and all that. ;D The people at this hotel are wonderful. We were having a bit of trouble with a smell in our other room, but they were totally booked the last two nights. Because it wasn't a simple fix, and the fact that we've been regular customers makes us eligible for free upgrades, as soon as they were able to get one cleaned they gave us a really nice suite with a jacuzzi instead. And, since our guys are now gone and it's just us three not-so-strong women, in our various degrees of physical infirmity, and the hotel doesn't have an elevator, they were nice enough to even move everything for us. So, it's been great so far. :D

Hey, didja know that Leonard Nimoy was in an episode of Bonanza? He was working at a bar, and quite amusingly pathetic. Particularly after he found a woman who'd been killed: (in a weak, almost-wisper) "Help?" (then shouting) "Help! Somebody heeelp!" *giggles madly*

A geek? Who, me? *blinks innocently*

And a random question: What do websites y'all use to upload your art to share it online? Any recommendations for sites that work well? I've been using Geocities, but I'm growing increasingly frustrated with it. I've been doing a ton of drawing lately, and even have a bunch scanned in, sitting on my computer, but haven't had the time/patience to get them online. It's gotten to a point where I can usually save, at best, two or three pictures before it stops working, and I have to shut down all the windows for it and then bring everything back up again, which takes 5-10 minutes. :P It's partly because my internet's not been so great, but even when the internet's doing well - this is just getting too aggravating. Photobucket looks nice, so I've been considering switching to that...

So, 'm off to watch a movie. ;)


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