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(Started typing this up yesterday, and then got too tired to finish them meme and had to get some sleep. So let's try this again!)

Because I've been sick, I actually ended up not leaving home for the last week. (Aside from walking the dog, that is.) Not actually a big hardship for introvert-me. But then, today, my whole family went out to Applebee's for lunch. Which was lovely. Aside from the reminder of jus why shouldn't leave the house, that is. *g*

Basically - my meal had french fries with it. If I'm gonna have french fries, naturally I'm gonna need to have ketchup. So, I pick up the bottle, and open it to squirt on my plate. Only, it doesn't squirt. Even before I start squeezing, it... explodes. On my plate, over the edge of my plate, on the table, on my skirt, on the front of my jacket, on the sleeve of my jacket... *sighs* So now I'm in the middle of the restaurant, and I've gotta clean the ketchup off myself. Start looking for a napkin, and... manage to catch my hand on my water glass. My very large water glass, which, since it is the beginning of the meal, is also very full. Water goes flying, ice slides across the table, into the walkway... and, since I'm at the back of a circular booth, there's really nothing I can do to mitigate the damage. Or, y'know, flee the scene. I think we had three servers, all told, helping to clean things up. In the middle of the lunch rush. 

Eh, maybe I should just stay home for another week. XD

And now - a couple of memes! First one's a literary one from [ profile] goldvermilion87. If there are a bunch of typos in my answers, it'd be because things have been glitching oddly. My browser, my computer, LJ in general... I tried to go through and fix them, but I'm not sure if I caught everything. 

Long meme of longness under the cut! )

And a second meme, this one from [ profile] hakaisha   -

Name me a character and I will tell you:

- Why I love them or why I wish they'd go die in a fire.
- My OTP for the character
- My favorite gen relationship with this character.
- An unpopular opinion about this character.
- One thing I wish would [have] happen[ed] with this character in canon.
- An idea I have for the character that I haven't written yet/won't ever write for whatever reason

Can be for any of my fandoms. If you don't know/can't remember if I like one that you do, just ask. ;D

ETA: Seriously LJ, what is up with this? It seems to be removing the characters immediately before and after any italicized section, even if I go back and fix it. Whyyyyyy....
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I'm WARM! I'm finally warm!

Heheheh. Yeah, it's seemed like it has been feeling unusually cold in the basement (where I sleep, and do the vast majority of my work) this year. And then, just last night, my dad made a discovery - apparently, my brother forgot to switch around the vents like he was supposed to. Y'see, the design of our house, while pretty, is somewhat less than efficient. So, when we have the A/C going in the summer, we close off all the vents to the basement and fully open the upstairs ones, so that things stay fairly balanced. In the winter, we switch that around, so the basement stays warm enough and the top floor doesn't get overheated. The switch-around is usually done by my brother and/or dad, because the vents downstairs are all on the ceiling, and kind of hard to get to. Only this year it... somehow didn't actually happen. Until last night. XD

So - today I was warm! Yay!

Also, we went to see The Hobbit in 3D for Nef's birthday. (Though not in the higher frame rate.) I wanted to see it that way, just because theaters are the only place you can really get that experience, but I wasn't expecting too much. I'm... not a big fan of 3D, generally, although it's sometimes very impressive with animated movies. Those glasses, though, particularly when you already wear normal glasses, just... blargh.

I was very pleasantly surprised, though. For the first few minutes, I wondered a bit if we shouldn't have just opted for regular 2D instead. But wow... Yes, I'm glad we did see it. I think the CG - somewhat to my surprise - looked better that way. It really brought out the intense attention to detail in the costuming, and some of the sets, as well. (Both Nef and I, as it turned out, were somewhat mesmerized by the water in the foreground during certain shots of the White Council. *g*) And some scenes - particularly the scene with the stone giants, which I'd been pretty "meh" about previously - played to much better effect in the 3D. And the part at the end with the eagles was just gorgeous. And wooooow, that moment at the end when Smaug's eye pops open? O.O I think it might've been worth it to see it in 3D just for how awesome that was. 

Even aside from the 3D, though, I did enjoy it more the second time around, as I'd expected from previous experiences. The overall tone seemed more internally consistent. Mostly, I think, because my brain didn't keep snagging on little surprises. And there were a number of small details that I noticed that just really pleased me. Among them: I'd thought the first time that there were a couple of dark-haired elves without helmets riding with Elrond who might've been the twins. But this time - do my eyes deceive me, or did I actually catch a glimpse of Glorfindel there as well? :D Yeah, probably just wishful thinking. But I am such a huge Glorfindel fan.

So yeah, I'm pleased overall. I do see that some of the criticisms I've read from others are valid ones, either from a movie making perspective or from a book-fan perspective. And there are things that bug me, too. But... I don't know. 

I shall now move on to pointless and probably confusing ramblings about movies and books. )

At any rate - happy birthday to [ profile] nefhiriel! Love you lots, tithen muinthel-nin. ;)
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*squee* Oh yes, it was worth the sleep deprivation. ;D

Some ramblings under the cut... trying to keep it general and non-spoilery. Also happy. Because yes, there may be nits to pick, but I have been looking forward to this for so long, and now I am happy, and not about to go spoiling my own enjoyment by looking for things to be upset over. ^^

*flail* - and costume pics ;D )
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One of the things I've always enjoyed has been my brain's tendency to take whatever I've been reading or watching recently and mash it up into some really fun dreams. There was the Lord of the Rings/War of the Worlds crossover. The NCIS/Temeraire fusion. The LOTR/Star Wars mashup. (If you can imagine a city with architecture that blends Coruscant with Minas Tirith... it's gorgeous.) And the dream I had after seeing Inception was certainly fun. *g*

And then there was last night's dream: a combination of Berkeley Square (older BBC series, about some nannies in 1902), London Blackout Murders (movie made in the early 40s, about a guy who kills people during the London bombings), and... The Avengers. Yep. A truly bizarre and entertaining bit of randomness. 

Now why can't my brain be that creative and cooperative when I'm actually trying to write? There are so many things that I want to finish right now, but I just can not do plot. (For myself, that is. I've had plenty of ideas to help out with Nef's story woes.) Probably because my brain's going and flagrantly wasting all my creativity while I'm asleep. *sulks* And everyone wonders why I stay up so late... It's because I'm trying to ambush my brain and grab some of those ideas when it thinks I'm asleep, but I'm actually still awake enough to do something coherent with them. 

These things also make me wish that I was a better artist. Because I can still see all these awesome settings so clearly, but I just... can't... *flails* 

I am starting to figure out some techniques to improve my detail work and backgrounds, though. I was playing around with some new brushes in Photoshop the other day, and managed this little doodle:

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And a lovely trip it was, too. Well, two trips, really. Wow, going to Nebraska feels like a really long time ago, now. But yeah, we had a good time with our grandma, and our... er, step-cousin, I guess she is? And various other step-relatives-in-law-whatever-you'd-call-them. Wasn't really a long visit, but fun.  

Neffie and I had quite the little "aww" moment when we got to the hotel - I started going through our suitcase to get stuff out and discovered... a toy mouse tucked down among the clothing. Our Ro-kitty has a tendency to sit forlornly inside suitcases and laptop cases whenever packing starts, as if he's hoping that one of these times he won't get forgotten at home. Apparently this time he felt we needed a little memento to bring along. <3

And the cabin was wonderful and relaxing, as always. Hard to believe that we've been going there for 21 years now.... A lot's changed over the years, but one thing hasn't: seems like every year, at least one thing has to break or otherwise Go Very Wrong. This year, we arrived to find that, among other things, the freezer was absolutely covered in nasty mold, the boat wasn't working, the stove wasn't working... and then the grill quit too. So things looked like being a bit of a potential disaster, possibly even one to rival the year when we were trying to clean the place without running water. But we got things sorted out in the end - except for the boat, but that was mostly okay anyway because there was much better fishing right off the dock than usual. So it was good. 

Among the things that did change were the friends and family that we visited, which was tough. One of the family friends we usually visit (who we've known since I was about three) did come to see us, but it may be the last time we see him for a long time because he and his new wife are moving to Florida. We didn't get to see my uncle at all, mostly because he just had cataract surgery and wasn't up for it. But the hardest was not seeing my great-aunt Helen, because she's almost certainly going to die any day now. And I just... will probably post something about that later, because right now I'm still in full-on avoidance mode and just trying not to think about it too much.

But. Happier note: it was a really good trip, and we had mostly great weather, and everyone had plenty of time to do whatever they wanted. So Nef and I swam almost every day, and she wrote a ton, and I read a ton, Mom scrapbooked and wrote, the guys golfed and fished, and we ate junk food and stayed up late and slept in, and all was good. *g*

We also went to see Avengers again while we were there! It was insanely hot on Saturday, the cabin doesn't have any kind of air conditioning (we're lucky to manage a few functioning fans), and we didn't feel like fighting with the Weekend Hordes for the lake (okay, it wasn't as busy as all that, but considering things are pretty much deserted during the week we'd rather do stuff when we had the place to ourselves). So we went to Avengers. And it was just as awesome the second time. \o/

Although I did notice one thing that's now driving me just slightly crazy. It was only on the second viewing that I realized that Hawkeye was shooting left-handed, which surprised me. At first I thought it might be an interesting and subtle way of showing another difference when he's being mind-controlled by Loki. But no, he shoots lefty afterward, during the final battle, as well. But... he shoots with his right hand in Thor. And I don't understaaaand, because if the actor is just left-eye dominant and/or more comfortable using his left hand, then why wouldn't he do it that way for both movies? But if it was a matter of conforming to the comics (no idea if comic-verse!Hawkeye is left- or right-handed)... then again, why not both movies? *flails* Okay, yes, Nef finds it hilarious that I'm bugged by this. But I think that I just need to watch the movie again, to see if the bow's design allows for ambidexterity. 


Anyhow! Now for my traditional commentary on the books I read while I was there!

Books! Also, new puppy picture. :D )

Oh, and on a final note... Um, I have committed Avengers fanfic. I didn't intend to. I really, really didn't. But then I just happened to stumble across a prompt that went and took my brain hostage. So I had to write it. XD Anyhow, if you care to read it, it's posted here on AO3.

Spring ^^

Mar. 17th, 2012 03:41 pm
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*happy sigh* Okay, I know that I've been pretty "meh" about Spring's approach, but... I'd forgotten how much I love the smell of it. Mmm. Even with no flowers yet - virtually nothing in the way of returning greener - it's so nice. Also, sunlight. Apparently it can do a lot to help with those feelings of general dragging around and "meh." My allergies and asthma are not quite so happy about it all, but ah well... It was actually nice enough that we ate out on the back porch last night. Yeah, the lake is still frozen solid, there are still patches of snow on the ground, but this is Minnesota, people. It was nice, And it was fun watching the birds while we ate. A pair of cranes even flew right over our deck. <3

Squirrels have also been going crazy, of course. Haven't seen the black ones yet this year, but the red and gray ones are plenty active, and I saw the one with the nearly-missing tail the other day (just has a little tuft like a rabbit tail - awfully cute, but I feel bad for the thing, hard as it must be to balance). The flying squirrels have also been raiding our suet, though we haven't caught sight of them recently. Apparently we've got a new squirrel hanging around, too. I've never seen anything quite like it before... pretty sure it must be some kind of crossbreed between the red and gray ones. It looked, essentially, like a gray squirrel - only it had a mohawk-like stripe of almost fluorescent orange running down the top of its head, down its back, and into the tail, which was almost entirely orange as well. Odd-looking, but really cute.  

Best of all... we heard from our breeder today. I didn't really talk about it here, because frankly I was just too upset and depressed at the time, but - the litter we were supposed to be getting a puppy from? Turned out to be a false pregnancy, so... no puppies. Considering how rare litters for this breed are, that meant we were extremely unlikely to have even another chance at getting on a waiting list for any of the breeders until sometime this fall. But. As it turns out, one of our breeder's dogs just came into heat two months early, so they're planning to breed her now. Which means there could be a puppy available for us in early August, if all goes well, since she's going to give us some priority for getting one from this litter. And yes, I am totally getting my hopes up already. I can't help it. I want so badly to have a dog again. 

And I've gotten a lot of writing done today. Maybe not a super-high word count, but I'd say more done progress-wise than in the whole last week. \o/

Also, my dad bought my jellybeans while he was out. I've been wanting jellybeans. 

Been a good day so far. ^^
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Oh. Oh. 

That was beautiful. Sweet and lovely and all the gorgeous clockwork, and the whole atmosphere of it, just... so much love.

And I adore the way that it took the analogy of the world as a giant machine, and each of us just a part in it, and through the whole feel of the movie successfully turned it from something cold and impersonal and presenting individuals as insignificant into something beautiful and creative and meaningful. 

This movie is my happy place. I am going to be watching it so many times.

Now I wish that I'd seen it in theaters. We'd talked about it... but never got to it. ;_;

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I enjoy writing non-fiction. I really do. But you know what tends to really get me? My inability to narrow my focus. 

I'll start out with a great idea, and lots of enthusiasm. I know my subject, I love talking about it, I'm confident that I have something helpful to share. Just lay out the basic organization of the topics I'm gonna cover, choose a starting point, and get going! 

Only... the moment I actually start delving in, I wonder if I really need to start at an earlier point. Cover more of the subject. Explain things more broadly to give people background. How much can I actually leave out without confusing people? What is essential, and what is interesting but ultimately unnecessary? Am I starting out with too many assumptions?

And before long what was once a clearly defined idea gets lost in a swamp of uncertainty, as I attempt to write The Ultimate Guide To Everything Ever Remotely Related To This Subject. 

And this is why I tend to have trouble actually finishing these projects. *sigh* Largely... I think I have trouble figuring out what knowledge base most people are likely to be starting out with. Sometimes I think it may be partly because I was homeschooled: Obviously, no one's education is "complete" so to speak - however well-rounded it is, there will always be gaps in knowledge or experience. But because my education was organized very differently from that of the vast majority of the country, I feel like sometimes the placement of those gaps is out of step with other people's experience. That some things other people consider so obvious they can't even remember learning it are... not so obvious to me, and vice-versa. If that makes sense?

Eh. Or maybe I'm just over-thinking and over-complicating things. Again. Because I tend to do that. >.<

I don't really know what my point in this is, other than - *flails* I may never finish a book, ever. XP
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Okay, yes, I am officially killed by teh adorableness. *ded*

And speaking of cute... the litter from which we are (if all goes well!) supposed to get a puppy is due in a little less than a week now! *bounces* I can not wait to actually meet the little ones. \o/ 

Of course, this means that The Naming Crisis is rapidly coming to a head. You see, around here, naming a pet is a major undertaking, necessitating multiple earnest family discussions, sometimes lasting till midnight or so, in addition to the day-to-day tossing back and forth of ideas. This is A Big Deal.

And we still have no idea what we're going to go with.

Ideally, really, we'd love to come up with another Lord of the Rings-themed name. Trouble is, we're not really particularly fond of most hobbity or dwarvish names for a dog, but the more dignified human and elvish ones tend to be rather a mouthful, and not have any good nicknames. We we've hit a dead end there for the time being. 

We've discussed Griffin (or, probably, Gryphon), which I quite like. The guys are kind of "meh" about it, though. They are bound and determined to have a dog named Cooper (they actually wanted to name Strider that). Which Nef and I have declared is Not gonna happen. I'm actually terribly fond of Sherlock as a dog's name, but it, unfortunately, has some rather negative past connotations - some years ago, after our neighbor's kids spent most of a summer listening to our dad read nearly the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes tales aloud to us, they named their new dog Sherlock. Which would've been cool, except he turned out to be a rather nasty, ugly, mean, not especially brilliant little thing that only really liked their (honestly, terrifying) mother, barked incessantly at the most inconvenient times, and was unpredictably nippy. So... hmm, not out of the question, but yeah. Tiro is also a good possibility. (Okay, yes, so maybe Neffie and I are just a teeny little bit obsessed with Roman history. *g*) I honestly thought, given some of the general breed characteristics, Neal would be an awesome possibility, but that one was firmly shot down by certain male members of our household. ;D

There've been other possibilities tossed around with varying degrees of seriousness, but really we don't even have any clear frontrunners at the moment. And yeah, you might say that maybe when we actually see the puppy inspiration will strike... but I kind of doubt that's gonna be a miraculous solution to our dilemma. I foresee much, much more discussion in the upcoming weeks. Um... outside opinions/suggestions are definitely welcome. XD

And speaking of dogs... We're in the midst of minor adventure with one at the moment.

Puppy! Puppy, puppy, puppy! I am so dog-deprived right now it's not even funny, )


Dec. 8th, 2011 11:30 pm
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Soyeah. I'm sick. :/ Not great timing in the middle of holiday baking and all, but then... there's rarely a really good time to get sick. Ah well...

I have also discovered that, much as I love Mozzie as a character, I hate writing from his POV. Even if it is the best one for this story. It intimidates me, and it's been slowing the pace of my writing down to even more of a crawl than usual, because I can not figure out if I'm getting it right. *sigh* But y'know what? I have discovered an awesome writing exercise for those times when I just can't seem to get past that tendency to over-think and second-guess and just sit down and write. Brainstorm with a couple of six-year-olds. Seriously. If that doesn't loosen you up and get the creativity flowing... XD

Yeah, had a great time with the kids Nef and I watch every Thursday. The younger girl had a friend over, and they wanted to write. A retelling of the Nativity story, to be precise. As it turned out, a truly unique version, in which the angel, after announcing Jesus' birth, then conspires with the innkeeper to kidnap him. Fortunately, Superchicken and his sidekick the sheepdog were there to save the day! And there was great rejoicing. Yes, I nearly died of the giggles. It was hysterical. 

Anyhow, being sick sometimes has a tendency to inspire odd fits of creativity in me, even when I'm all but brain-dead (eh, dulling of inhibitions, probably, 'cause I'm too tired to overthink?), so I'm actually feeling rather hopeful now for the possibility of pushing through and finishing this thing in the near future. (The White Collar story, that is, not the girls' Nativity retelling. XD I want to fiiinish this so I can actually focus on the long one Neffie and I are coauthoring!) 

And on that note... a few random fun mostly-vaguely-WC-related things that I've been saving up, meaning to share but never quite getting around to it.

News articles and... other stuff. )
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 Went to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader tonight. I have... mixed feelings.

The things they did well tended to be spot-on awesome. The things they did not were... Wait. Whut. Srsly? Unfortunately, the "not" instances kinda outnumbered the "spot-on."

Some of it I'd expected, and been entirely prepared for (the necessity of condensing/combining some incidents). Others... It was kinda like they just didn't get the idea of a sea story, the voyage tale, and got all confused, and therefore had to try to find some way to make it flow more like the previous stories. Problem is - you can't out-Lewis Lewis. And while I wouldn't  (quite) argue that his stories are absolutely perfect and cannot be improved upon in any way... that didn't really do it.
So yeah. That's not to say I hated the movie, really. As a fantasy movie, it was not too bad, if occasionally disjointed, and trite at moments. But as Chronicles of Narnia? Er... what? 

The first ten minutes and last ten minutes were pretty much absolutely perfect, though. Seriously, that ending almost made me cry. And Caspian was pretty awesome. And the interaction between him and Edmund turned out much more satisfying than what the last movie did with Peter and Caspian. And I really loved Lucy. And hey, much as it was totally wrong as far as the book goes... (SPOILER ALERT) can I really get all that upset about an epic sea monster/dragon battle? Well yes, I could. But I dunno. Considering all the other things they changed... I think I'll just enjoy getting to see that. /dragon obsession

[ profile] cirtholien - I'm afraid you're likely to rather hate it, overall. :/ But maybe you'll be able to enjoy it as a fantasy-that-has-nothing-whatsoever-to-do-with-a-certain-awesome-book-except-for-the-first-and-last-ten-minutes anyhow? It's like Narnia fanfiction! Heh.

At any rate, I think that's all I'll say for the moment. Both in an attempt to avoid total spoilerage, and 'cause I think Nef's gonna say more later. 

Teh Books.

Jun. 21st, 2010 11:00 pm
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 *hugs all around* Thanks for the welcome back, mellyn-nin. I missed you all! 

As I said earlier, the trip was fun, though mostly uneventful. (Aside from all the tornado stuff that last night... but anyhow.) With it being rainy and cool so much of the time, we ended up doing more indoor stuff than usual. Since my brother absolutely loves card games, he insisted that we needed to learn two new ones: rook, and whist. Heh heh, I don't actually hate card games in general, but... by the end of the trip, I was thoroughly sick of both. Eric gets very bored when it's rainy. ;) Still, it is rather fun to actually understand whist - if only because I can now actually comprehend certain passages of the Horatio Hornblower books. *g*

Otherwise, not a whole lot to speak of, aside from the reading. Though I do wonder - are bears actually that much more plentiful now, or is it just co-incidence? Because we've been seeing far more of them the last few years than we ever did in the past. Hmm.

In no particular order, then... Comments on the books. These are more my impressions and opinions than actual descriptions or reviews, so - if you want any details on one you haven't read, just ask. :)

Book stuff! ) So there 'tis. ^.^

Hehe, purely out of curiosity, I did a quick count-up of the number of pages I read, and it comes up to something over 4300 pages. Not that that means a whole lot, of course, with books of varying sizes and prints and all, but... yeah. I am very happy now. So much wonderful reading....

And I'm actually almost caught up on all the post-trip behindness! (Which, yes, is not a word, but I don't care. ;P) Mostly just fun stuff left to reply to, now. :D

But not tonight, because Nef wants to go to bed, and is objecting to the lights being on. She refuses to believe me when I tell her that sleep is overrated. Pfft. Little sisters. <3

EDIT: *headdesk* Sorry for all the random formatting, here. I have no idea what LJ is doing to it, it's just being... weird. And I can't seem to get it all fixed. Meh.


May. 9th, 2009 10:15 pm
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Well, I'm home! And very, very tired. So, because I have had a stressful and exhausting day, I decided to do a post of random funnies, and a couple miscellaneous thoughts.

Many funny pics, and two random ponderings )

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Gotta take a stretch break from editing, before my brain thoroughly ties itself into a knot. Or I get tired enough to start getting sloppy. :P

Perhaps it shouldn't surprise me anymore, but I am always startled when people attempt to use smiley faces in their articles. I am all for smiley faces. Obviously. Love them - in e-mails, IM, casual interaction. But in an article you're preparing for publication? Seriously? O.o

Also, the number of people who try to use multiple exclamation marks. *shakes head* I mean, I do know that many of these people are not professional writers, but... many of them are. Many of them have books published. Yep, books, plural. C'mon, they know this stuff... don't they?

It's also amusing when someone tries to make an excellent point... using an argument or example which is unfortunately less-than-effective in demonstrating that point. Especially when better examples are readily available. Such as the review of a book on real-life heroes from various wars in American history (sounds great!), in which the writer asks if you're tired of genetically modified heroes - and gives as example Batman and Superman, of all the superheroes. *mutters* ('kay, actually Batman's a normal human who just uses lots of cool gadgets and martial arts training. And Superman's an alien, who wasn't genetically modified, but was born that way and has the abilities he does due to the differences between our planet and Krypton, most particularly our sun. *sighs* Yeah. Okay. I let that one go. Decided she made her point effectively enough to be understood without me displaying my utterly geeky side. Still. Spiderman? X-Men, even? Though technically they're not genetically modified so much as evolved, actually. Fantastic Four? The Hulk? *flails* Research, people! *glances around sheepishly* Okay, I'm done. You can stop laughing now.)

So yes, I get a good laugh editing certain things. Not because I am mean, or think these people are idiots. I have a great deal of respect for them, and they have some wonderful stuff to say. And certainly not because I don't understand how typos and mistakes happen, or believe that they are necessarily a sign that people don't know better when they should. Really. I do understand, from personal experience. I have a great deal of mercy for such things, and I love doing my job.

It's just that certain mistakes have really very funny results. (Erm... you're gonna show love to your children by treating them to electroconvulsive therapy? Think you mean "etc." there, not "ECT".) And correcting other mistakes... kinda makes me want to cry. Because really, they should've been caught way before this point, especially considering several people should have gone over it. And especially when it's the same ones again and again and again and again. But I choose to be amused, and giggle instead. :)

And then I get distracted and accidentally write on my face with my red pen. Or tap the wrong end of a highlighter against my lips. The results of which are somewhat undignified.

There is a very good reason why, when I have been working, I like to check the mirror before I'm seen in public.

'kay, end of coffee Mountain Dew break. Still on track, getting lots done, and I refuse to be overwhelmed! *strikes triumphant, heroic pose*

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Watched Nim's Island tonight. Anyone else seen it? Wasn't really expecting much of it. And yep, it would have been pretty much what I expected: rather too cutesy, silly, with ridiculously anthropomorphic animals in a not-really-entertaining-enough way, basically, clean but... meh.

Yes, I did say would have been.


BWAHAHAHA! The writer! Just the conversations she had with her character made it So. Totally. Worth. It. Don't want to give away all the fun lines, but... When he gets all sarcastic, and starts giving her advice, trying to talk her into doing things, quoting her own writing at her... just priceless. "You can't do that! I created you! You - you - you HAVE to do what I say!"

Heee. So, not the greatest movie, but - yeah, if you're a writer, for that aspect alone... *giggles madly*

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So, we rented Kung Fu Panda to watch last night, which I've wanted to do for some time, because it looked like fun and, well... martial arts and all, y'know? *bg*

Randomness: movie and heroes and awesomeness and funny - and Mountain Dew! )
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Wow, there has been a lot going on for me in both writing and art over the last year. 

Writing meme grabbed from kel_candelae's journal. :) )

Musings on art - with pictures! Hehe.  )

Happy New Year, everyone! *hugs all around* :D
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So... I'm back! Did ya miss me? *g* It's strange... On the one hand, it feels like we only just started out yesterday, but at the same time it feels like we've been gone months.

First, a brief summary:

States visited on the trip: 15

Countries: 2

Saw: So many beautiful places, I don't know how to begin to describe them. Even the bodies of water alone - the ocean, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan...

Books: Two short ones (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Writing Magic) completely read, and got a quite a way through two longer ones (Vulcan's Forge and God in the Dock). So, not very much, but it wasn't really a trip conducive to reading. All great books, though. :D Also listened to quite a number of books on tape - bit more on that in a minute. And bought a few books, too. Found a neat little out-of-print and used books store - it was in the process of being re-arranged, so the only section in any sort of real order was the Scifi section. Being the people of... eclectic tastes we are, Neffie and I bought several Star Trek books, The Iliad, and a neat old copy of The Merchant of Venice.

Writing: Finished the SGA story! *dances* It is the longest story I have ever written, by about... 11,500 words. *whistles* Coolness. o.o 33,700 words may not be that much ('specially next to certain prolific people I know) but, questions of quality aside, that is quite an accomplishment for me. :)

Art: Heh heh. Two finished pictures, and one rough sketch. But I actually got a ton accomplished. More on that in a bit.

Time had: Absolutely awesome. ;D

More details and vacation-related ramblings. )

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"Writing is easy. All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead." - Gene Fowler

Heh. Indeed.

As I've been working on the longest thing I have ever written (yeah, not very long, really, but still), I've been thinking about some aspects of how I write, how I translate what's in my head into what's on the paper.

(Disclaimer: Today I've been watching three children under four years old, had a karate promotion test and a lesson back-to-back, run errands, and been packing things for the trip we're leaving on tomorrow. Not sure how much sense this'll make, but I'm gonna write it anyways. Read at your own risk. *g*)


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