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I keep thinking I'm going to write up a long happy post, but then it keeps winding up as incoherent flailing instead.

But seriously, I loved it so much. And on second viewing I was happier than before as far as plot cohesion, order of events, just how satisfying it was in general. And the characters... I am so, so impressed at the way it did have such intense disagreements between the characters, and yet left me feeling like I really understood and could sympathise with the motivation on both sides and still loved all the characters, despite good, bad, and emotionally misguided choices on all sides.

Team Cap all the way, though. As much as - if not more than - ever. :D

Also, I am very curious as to what the future has to hold for both Rosses. And also for Zemo... As my dad pointed out after seeing it today, Zemo's final remark, questioning whether he'd really failed, is interpreted on the surface as his having succeeded because he drove the Avengers apart. Buuut... Have we really seen the last of the other winter soldiers? Or is it just possible that he's not done and he's still got some kind of plan in the works? Hmm.

(I tell you, though, I will be SO MAD if they conveniently leave Bucky in stasis for the next Avengers movie instead of actually moving ahead with his plotline so we can see some more resolution there.)

Date: 2016-05-29 12:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
SQUEEE!! You had the same "2nd time is even better" reaction I did. *g* It really is a movie that gets better with each viewing because you pick up on all the little subtle things you miss each time.

And of course because you get to see Bucky getting that motorcycle AGAIN. I swear when I get the DVD, it will take me 27 hours to watch the movie because I will keep stopping and rewatching that one. And the VW scenes. And the mid-credit scene. And buying plums. And all the other super cool moments.

Zemo... I don't think we're done with him yet. That was too sinister and hefty a line, methinks.

Ross, yeah, sadly, we'll get more of him.

The Winter Soldiers... unless they have others stored away, which they might. The ones they showed Bucky training are all dead, thanks to Zemo. But there's no telling how many more might be out there. There was a really nice comic book story about Bucky and Nat (I think it was her) chasing down one. (And wouldn't THAT make for a great Black Widow stand-alone???)

I doubt they leave Bucky in stasis too long. He'll be back if not in Infinity Wars than surely in Black Panther (I think they both come out in 2018). I'd like to see him in Infinity Wars but... yeah, that's going to be a busy movie--I think his recovery might have a better chance for more screen time in the BP movie (so long as he doesn't overshadow T'Challa himself, which I doubt they'd let him). Who knows, he may even show up in Spiderman if Chris gets his way with a cameo in it.

It could be argued that putting him in stasis conveniently gives the Russos an out for not including him... except! for the fact that the Russos love Seb (Anthony has a man-crush on the hair and I think Joe just loves everything about Seb), love Bucky, and Bucky has become pretty much the most popular character in the Cap movies besides Cap himself (and in some polls he beats out Cap by a teeny margin). Seb still has a lot of movies on his contract so they'd be foolish to leave him in stasis for very long.

Hmm, now I want to see it again....

Date: 2016-06-01 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'd really like to see it again before it leaves theaters, honestly. There is just so much there, on both a plot and character level. Also just plain fun and cool.

That motorcycle scene. And the plums. Also the utter heartbreak of the "I remember all of them" line, and his desperation to get out when Zemo starts saying the trigger words, and he's come so far in getting his brain back together, but all it takes is a minute to send him right back into Winter Soldier mode and he's helpless to stop it... ;_;

My dad's thought on the other Winter Soldiers was that they seemed a little too built up to be entirely a red herring and not play a role - but it is hard to imagine how they could not be dead after that, even if they've got some degree of super healing. It would definitely be interesting if they were sidelong introducing the concept for a future movie, though. (Black Widow/Winter Soldier movie, maybe? With Bucky and Nat being super awesome together and time to start developing a budding romance? \o/)

Yeah, that is the issue with figuring out when Bucky comes out of stasis. On the one hand, I don't want to be left sitting and waiting to see more of what happens. On the other, I want them to do justice to his thread, not have it crammed in or skimmed over if there's not really room for it. (LOL, maybe they'll just wake him up long enough to help save the world quick, and then put him back to sleep until they can finish fixing his brain. XD)


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