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 Soooo, those book comments I was talking about are coming, I just got sick for like a week and a half and it basically killed my brain for a while there, so now that I'm back up and running I'm finishing it up. 

But I just have to say, totally late to the party, that I finally, finally got to see Wonder Woman today and oh my heart, I did not know I needed this movie but apparently I did. It was just so beautifully done and sincere and bright (and... also heartbreaking) and just. The whole tone of it was everything I like best in superhero movies and it makes me so happy. 

Saw the preview for Thor: Ragnarok before it, too - which looks very good - and my mom's comment was, "See, I like Thor. He's not just a pretty face." And I about died of giggles. So yeah, looking forward to that. 

(Also, wearing a Captain America shirt to a DC movie will get you Comments, but hey. My strong preference for Marvel movies these days has nothing to do with any Marvel vs DC feelings, just being so done with the bleak tone of recent DC movies. I have more than enough love in my heart for both, when they're done well.) 

Date: 2017-07-15 11:10 pm (UTC)
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I adore Wonder Woman. I knew nothing, nothing about WW when I walked in and I walked out utterly in love with the grace, beauty, strength (in all its forms), and goodness of Diana.

WW is the best superhero movie this year. There are others with good characters and lots of heart (I just saw Spider-Man: Homecoming the other day, utterly adored it, and am already writing Marvel fic), but a lot of the times they do rely on plots or twists of logic that don't make sense.

WW's plot was so cohesive. I think what made the plot twist work so well is that she was the one who was focused on Aries and we, the audience, have experienced our version of WWI so on some level we were sure she was wrong but we were still surprised at how and why. I love that the writers were able to write that twist without deus ex machina.

WW gives me hope for DC. I admit I'm not a fan of most of the fixit fic though ;P

Now go watch Spider-man and squee with me! I have fic recs!


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