Dec. 9th, 2013 09:31 pm
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I am now officially a black belt. And I am so happy. :D The final exam came at... a rather bad time, and the last couple of weeks have been crazy stressful and packed with completing last-minute requirements that I found out about belatedly, so I'm pretty much collapsing now with relief at having completed it successfully.

At this point I'm hoping to start training for my second degree black belt in January. But first... some time off to properly focus on family and the holidays.

One advantage - after this, all the Christmas craziness seems like a really nice break! *bg* 
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I have a new laptop. \o/ I hadn't expected to get one for about another month, planned to spend a bit more time considering options and making up my mind. But, Friday night I discovered that there was a big sale on computers, which ended Saturday night. And that sale included Macs. If I decided to go with a Mac, I hadn't even intended to bother looking or waiting around for a discount, because they're pretty much notorious for never going on sale. 

I knew I was going to have to make up my mind within 24 hours if I wanted to take advantage of any of the discounts, but I am not usually that decisive, even about comparatively minor purchases. XD My awesome tech-savvy brother went over a ton of information with me, though, and helped me sort through what the different things meant and which aspects were most likely to be important to me. In the end, I decided to go ahead and get a Macbook Pro, and got about $200 in discounts - not exactly something to sneeze at! 

So now I'm pretty much reveling in the shiiiiiiiny new tech. It is So. Fun. to have a fast, nicely-functioning computer after getting so aggravated with my old one. :D It's taking me longer than usual to get files transferred and things set up, with it being a different OS, and needing to switch formats and programs for some things. There's also a whole lot of new stuff to learn, given that I haven't really worked on a Mac in about 12 years, and what I haven't forgotten has changed since then. I don't know, maybe it's weird, but - I know a lot of people like the process of moving to a new computer to be as seamless as possible, and get aggravated by major changes, especially when new aspects aren't intuitive. I tend to feel the same abou programs, ut when it comes to computers themselves I actually consider the learning curve an added bonus because it makes everything feel that much more new and fun. I'm enjoying playing around and figuring out how things work and what it can do differently. Though I suspect it's going to take me a while to remember the new keyboard shortcuts and stop hitting the wrong buttons. *g*

And now I need to decide on a name for her. I say "her" because, although other computers often seem more neutral or male to me, Mac laptops, particularly, strike me as female. (I'm a weirdo, okay?) I think I'll probably try to stick with what has become a tradition for me: Tolkien-related names beginning with "C." My first laptop was Chrysophylax (after the dragon fro Farmer Giles of Ham, which will only behave and tell the truth if he's being threatened with an enchanted sword). The second was Caudimordax (the name of, well, the enchanted sword from the same story). The third was Crissaegrim (the mountain where the eagles who guarded Gondolin lived). 

My current list of name ideas?

Cordof - Sindarin word for apple. It amuses me. 
Cuivienen - The place where the elves first awoke.
Celebrimbor - Means "hand of silver"/"silver fist" - the name of the elf who forged the rings of power.
Celebrindal - Means "Silverfoot" - another name for Idril, Earendil's mother, who liked to go everywhere barefoot. Which makes me smile, because I hate wearing shoes myself. 

Any votes/opinions/alternate suggestions? ^^

(BTW, if there are odd typos? It's probably because LJ is eating characters in posts seemingly at random, especially around any kind of formatting. No idea why. Anyone else having that problem? I know the same's been happening to Nef...)
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I now know how to quickly field-strip and reassemble a Glock 9mm. It's not actually all that hard, but I am still immensely proud of this fact.

Also, reason gazillion-and-one why my family is awesome. Today at lunch Nef and Eric were discussing HTML and CSS. Our technophobic father, of course, quickly got bored. But instead of changing the subject, he decided to express his boredom by... playing the William Tell Overture on his front teeth with his fingernails. And then, when we started laughing, proceeded to explain why it's so much easier to do it with a pencil instead.

Yeah, I love my family.
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Yeah... after the journal we did earlier, we just had to see if we could manage something even tinier. I think this is about the limit of my present leather-stitching skills. *g*


Oddly enough, it's really, really hard to sew something that small. Heh.

Since you said you'd like to know when it was ready, [ profile] cairistiona7 - I just got the journal I posted earlier listed for sale on our site - here - along with these, and another little journal necklace. We've got two more journals nearly finished, so they should be going up soon. ^^


Aug. 12th, 2012 05:53 pm
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Today my dad and brother gave me a basic introduction to firearms safety, and then taught me how to shoot a handgun. I even hit the targets a lot of times. It was awesome. The end. 

(Also, it turns out gunpowder is actually kinda difficult to wash off your hands.)

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The puppies have arrived! \o/ 

Just got an e-mail from the breeder to let us know that all the puppies were born and doing well. Hehe, she's said that she could tell we were praying hard for these guys. Not only did the mother come into heat two months early, much to the breeder's surprise, have a successful pregnancy and give birth to all healthy, big babies... but there are exactly the right number/gender of puppies for the people who were on the waiting list for this litter (not how it usually goes!). 

So, God-willing, provided they continue to grow healthy and strong, one of these little ones will be coming home with us around the first week of August.


Eee! :D 
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 *big hugs to little sis [ profile] nefhiriel  on her birthday* 

Pictures for youuuu! )


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