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Any other watchers of both NCIS: LA and White Collar out there? Because I am wondering if Neffie and I are the only ones who've been thinking this. The actor who plays one of the recurring villains in NCIS: LA, The Chameleon? Looks scarily like evil!Peter Burke, wearing some kind of makeup disguise. Something about his eyes and expressions in the episodes he's been in, just... o.O 

I know he's been in a bunch of other movies (I think the actor's name is Christopher Lambert?), but I can't recall having watched anything else with him in it, so I can't say if it's something the makeup/costuming, etc. for his role in NCIS, or if there really is an odd resemblance, or if we're just going crazy, here.

But seriously. Watching him in the last couple of episodes (last year's finale, this season's premier) has been weirding me out, big time. Freaky evil Peter in disguise. *shivers* 
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Continued from part one.

Part two! )
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At last, another White Collar story! This one was written for [ profile] alone_dreaming, for the [ profile] collarcorner ficathon. Many thanks to [ profile] swanpride, who helped me track down a plot bunny when they were being elusive. I hope that the end result is enjoyable!  ^.^

(Set somewhere loosely in late season 1/early season 2. Because I haven't seen any S3 yet. /is behind)

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A new fic, finished at last! :D Man, vacation really threw off my writing groove… but I think I’m finally rolling again!

This one’s sort of written for [ profile] collarcorner. As I said there, although I had a couple of prompts in mind as I wrote this story, by the time I got to the end I realized that it didn’t quite seem to fit the specifications for any one prompt. So I’ll just say it’s a fill for the general “Lock Picking” “Capture” and “Escape” prompts from the list on round seven.

The original inspiration for this came from a picture that [ profile] tj_teejay posted at her journal: a can of Caffrey’s beer! Looking at it, I couldn’t help but think that the directions on the side of the can – “Chill Until Blue” – sounded like instructions for a fanfic. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I just had to try my hand at it. *g*

By the way, as an amusing side-note, a bit of googling revealed this rather interesting link: Burke Beverages Inc. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that they’re distributors of Caffrey’s beer. Ah, life’s lovely little coincidences... ;D
Anyhow - 
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Continued in Part 2.
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Just a bit of silliness while I try to poke more complex plots into some coherent shape. Because apparently Neal being out of it is a thing with me, right now. *g* 

Written for [ profile] kriadydragon's request here at [ profile] collarcorner, with inspiration from [ profile] collarcorner's comment. Also, special thanks to [ profile] tj_teejay, whose comments on my last story prodded me to look a little deeper into some of my assumptions and surface-level research. I now know a whooooole lot more about parole, parole officers, and conditions of supervised release. *g* Which just happens to have given me some more story ideas, as well... 

Story! )
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Not for a prompt this time around – though you might say that this was inspired by a [ profile] collarcorner prompt, or at least the response to one. Reading Sara Highum’s story here, I got to thinking, what if Neal really was “drunk dialing” Peter? Or at least, Peter thought he was… though there might be something more going on. And at that my brain took off in a direction totally unrelated to her story, and the idea just wouldn’t let go until I did something with it. ^.^

Summary: Neal drunk-dials Peter. Initially, Peter is Not Amused. Then he figures out what’s really going on… and he’s even less amused. Set somewhere mid-season one. 

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 Whew, this took longer than I'd expected. Neal refused to follow the script, and I was forced to take drastic measures to reassert my Author-ly Authority. *g* Anyhow - response to another of [ profile] kriadydragon's prompts here at [info]collarcorner.   ^.^

Story! )
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Yet another White Collar story! This one's the follow-up to Live by the Currents, Plan by the Tides, written for [ profile] kriadydragon's request for an anklet-causing-trouble-for-Neal story (link to full prompt is in the notes for the first story). I'm not sure you'd have to read the first story before this one, but I'd recommend it, as otherwise a lot of the set-up's not gonna make sense. *g* 

 With that - 

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Still working on the follow-up for Live by the Currents, Plan by the Tides! It’s almost done now – I’m hoping to post it within the next couple of days. This… is basically just what happens when plot bunnies attack in the middle of the night.

Story idea from [ profile] swanpride ’s post here at [ profile] collarcorner , asking for a story related to Neal’s asking for combat training. This is very much based on real facts and incidents over the course of the four years or so I’ve taken karate, with a nice twist of fiction thrown in.

All recognizable characters are property of Jeff Easton – all unrecognizable characters are heavily based on real people, names changed to protect the guilty annoying and awesome alike. *g*

Story in here! )
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Yes. I know. I really, really shouldn't, considering all the other things I need to get written. Buuut... I've been fighting a terribly depressing bout of writer's block, and White Collar has eaten my brain. This is the result. 

This started out as a nice little self-contained story idea [ profile] nefhiriel forced persuaded me to try in order to get myself writing again, and then morphed into a rather-longer-than-intended fill for [ profile] kriadydragon's prompt here at [ profile] collarcorner. Rather appropriate for my first venture into WC fic, considering that she was the one who got me into WC in the first place through her episode commentary and stories, and therefore is responsible for my current obsession. ;)



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