Apr. 15th, 2010 10:58 pm
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After having a cold for a week you're supposed to be feeling better, not worse, right? Just checking. 

When something leaves Eric needing naps, and my dad takes two days off work after catching it (aside from when he had surgery, I can remember him doing that... twice, maybe three times?), you know it's nasty.

My brain is so dead. Yesterday at piano lessons I could not remember the order of flats. I've been taking lessons for fifteen years. This is pathetic. And today when Mom asked me how I was feeling? I told her, "Um... better than I did tomorrow." Uhuh. Riiiight. :P

So yeah, I keep having things I want to post or respond to, but I just wind up staring blankly instead. Bleh.
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Meh. Lately I have felt so worn out and vaguely depressed and just completely distracted. And the stupid thing is, I have no actual reason for it, other than this last weekend having left me completely wiped out. But even that was mostly a really good time, and by this point it's really pushing the whole recovering from an exhausting few days thing a little far. Which has led me to wonder if I might be coming down with something, but... eh.

Anyway, things have been looking up today.

Rambings on... stuff.  )

Edit: Oops. Sorry about the defective LJ-cut. *facepalm* You can blame that on the defective computer. And defective internet connection. Er... and defective brain. *g*
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Gah. *bangs head on wall* I made such an idiot out of myself at the post office today. In front of one of the women in charge of our local area arts board, no less, for added impact. Not one of the people who'll be making decisions on the grant I applied for, but she is making decisions on... another artistic endeavor I'm involved in, which I will write about sometime when I can actually think. Bleh. Stupid, stupid, stupid. *slinks off*

I'm really trying to get a bunch of things done, but I am so spaced out. Between this cold (apparently not improving as quickly as I'd hoped), and not getting enough sleep the last couple nights (stupid coughing)... I'm kinda scared to do anything that involves trying to communicate anything remotely significant to people. Which, unfortunately, describes most of the things I really need to be getting done. Wah, I don't want to procrastinate...

BUT, with Pirates of Penzance tonight, I refuse to let this be a bad day. :) See, I think what I need is a whoooole lot of caffeine. The fact that I don't like coffee and Mountain Dew doesn't have anywhere near as much caffeine complicates this. I may have to get creative. Unfortunately, that requires thinking.

Maybe I'll go lie down for a while first.


Dec. 12th, 2008 08:18 pm
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Man. I am so totally wiped out. Also, kind of deliriously happy. Hehe.

Ashley (and Lexie!) wound up spending most of the day here, baking Christmas cookies and generally hanging out. And then when Evan came to pick them up, they all ended up staying to dinner, so Dad was able to spend some time with them too. It was so wonderful. Very exhausting, but so very fun. :D

I have no idea how Lexie manages to just keep getting more beautiful. And I can't believe she's nearly six months old already - ! She is... the most wonderful, perfect, adorable... Ehem. *sheepish smile* Yes, I know, y'all have heard the song and dance a dozen times before. But seriously. *happy sigh* 'M afraid you may have to suffer through another picture post sometime soon, here. ;)

I think I'm gonna fall asleep here now. Or maybe, I dunno... write a couple thousand words on one of my stories. Or something.


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Between one thing and another, I've been hovering on the edge of being seriously stressed out, anxious, and depressed the last few days. Even though it's not quite accurate, really, I've been feeling like I've got far too much to do, and not nearly enough time or energy to do it.

And then today was our church's women's retreat, and it was... so very much what I needed. Good, encouraging teaching, fellowship, relaxing walking around in the woods in between things... and yes, lots of chocolate, too. :) And I got a neat little book by John Piper on joy, which I will definitely be reading with my devotions this week. Today has been so very peaceful, and I've been both surprised and thankful for how much I've been able to just step back from everything that's been going on. Yeah, I've still got a lot going on, but I think today's really helped in getting my mind and heart back on the right track again. God is so good!

And! In a rather random turn of subject, I meant to say how the karate tournament Thursday night went, but I've been rushing around so much I didn't get to it. So, now that I'm here -

Karate Tournament! )

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So. Life has been... busy. Seems like I'm always tired lately. I almost fell asleep during our Bible study last night. Several times. While we were singing. I've also taken to drinking about twice as much Mountain Dew as usual. (I need caffeine. Very much. Heh heh, so yes, drinking Mountain Dew. No, despite the odd way that sentence sounded on re-reading, I haven't been driven to drink in that way. 'Sides, it's another nine days before I could do that legally anyway. :P I'm tired. And rambling. *headdesk*) Universal consensus is that we're way overbooked at the moment. Unfortunately, there is also nothing we can do about it for a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to April being over. (Not least because a certain week in May is going to be Totally. Awesome. :) ) But yeah, I'm too tired to even list it all right now. So on to happier subjects...

First off - Mom upgraded my LJ account to a paid one as an early BD present! Yays, I finally get more icons :D So I've grabbed some awesome ones from Niro and shall be looking for more. I need some LOTR ones. I also need one for when I'm feeling crazy and hyper. :)

And as of today I'm officially finished with my big editing/rewriting project for the trucking company! Yes, I was supposed to have it done nearly a month ago, and yes, I did get the work done and sent to them several days before the deadline. But the man who hired me has been in Washington DC for the last month, and the company's content expert has also been out of town for over a month, so it's been kinda crazy, and there've been additions and changes and more proofreading... And I've been nerve-wracked, waiting this long to find out what they think. BUT the content expert loves the way I re-worked the manual, and everyone seems to be happy, and I just got my check, and the man who hired me has officially "declared victory" - his words *g* - and I'm DONE! Unless they hire me for the next project. But they're in the middle of some reorganization, and it'll likely be a bit before I hear anything on that, so... :D

And the temperature got up into the 40s today, so I have worn short sleeves with no sweater in celebration! I'm ready for spring, but springs here tend to be... indecisive. On Monday we got six inches of snow. Normally I'd be delighted, and it was beautiful and fun, but I'm ready to be done now. :P

And... my karate teacher keeps reminding me that I'm neither a ballet dancer nor a singer, so I need to actually shout and look intense and mean. I'm not sure I have a mean and intense look. And it seems mildly annoyed just doesn't cut it. BUT apparently I'm improving, because today she was really, really happy and said she was impressed, and... she wants us to compete in some upcoming regional karate tournament. Like, seriously wants us to. O.o

On a not-so-happy note, I have IMed Nef to inform her that I hate her now. I was writing really, really well and actually being prolific for days in a row and then she distracted me. Good, fun distraction, but still. Now I have writer's block and Can. Not. Think. So yeah. I hate her now. Though considering we're still on speaking terms and I've been drawing lots of stuff for her book (the new one) and helping her and I didn't actually punch her during karate despite having plenty of opportunity... she doesn't seem to be taking that fact too seriously.

I need more Mountain Dew. *trudges off to try to pretend like she can write*
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Gah, I'm so tired...

Last night at midnight Nef suddenly realized that she hadn't seen Ro when she gave the cats their dinner. Now Ro is normally a very good, sweet, quiet, rather timid kitty who really likes his comfort, but he has developed one particular bad habit lately. He and Ella usually stay in the attached garage when they're not in our bedroom, and when Dad comes home at night, Ro keeps trying to sneak outside. Why he wants to do that I have no idea, because he usually soon winds up outside a window crying, or once earlier this fall huddled up near the door in the morning, very ready to come in.

Well, of course I couldn't just sleep after that, so (since our bedroom's in the basement, right next to the garage, and I wouldn't be waking everyone up) I went to the garage. Didn't see him there, Ella was being very clingy and worried like she usually is when she's separated from him, stepped outside, didn't see him, called him... Couldn't find him. Not like him to skip dinner, but since he usually climbs up into the ceiling and spends most of the night prowling around up there, I finally decided that's where he probably was. Especially since the dog had been out earlier, and Ro usually comes running to him when he sees him. Took me a while to get to sleep, since I was still worried, but I finally did. Sometime around one, I think.

Well, a little after three I woke up suddenly, thinking I heard a cat crying outside our window, so I got up, looked in the garage again, still no Ro, went outside again, looked around, called him, no sign of him... Finally went back inside. Then I was cold, (since, of course, I went outside barefoot) wide awake, and worried. I kept having visions of him freezing (the temperature got down to two degrees last night), or getting hit by a car, or getting attacked by an owl or coyote or mountain lion (all of which we have in the area, though more of the former two than the latter)... So I spent some time praying, and it took me quite a while to get to sleep again.

Well, Dad finally found him this morning when he got up for work, huddled under the back deck, very cold and clingy, wanting to be petted and snuggled, but otherwise fine. *huggles stupid cat* He doesn't even like it out there, and it's freezing - why does he keep doing this?! And why him? Ella's the adventurous, tough one with an attitude and mischievous nature, but I don't think she's snuck out once. *shakes head*

And then we had karate today. And I was still very sore from our last lesson, since our Tuesday teacher is mean and takes great pleasure in our pain. And today was hard too. And I am very tired. And I think my brain's about to bail out on me. *yawns*

But I'm also very happy to have my sweetheart laying in my lap today. :)


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