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So, we were driving into town the other day, and came to a T intersection. At that intersection, naturally, there is a road sign with an arrow pointing in each direction. You know, the kind that looks rather like this: [ <---> ] Someone had written on that sign. Now normally I don't approve of graffiti, but I had to smile at this one. Under the right arrow, they'd written the name of the nearby small town. On the left, they'd simply written, "Boonies". Guess which side we live on? Yep, we be country folk now. ;D

We've had a few animal-related happenings of late...


Apr. 16th, 2008 05:47 pm
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I'm really not quite sure how the avatar I've used relates to this post. I just felt like using it. I'm feeling very random and hyper and exhausted. I believe as a result of a combination of too little sleep, too much caffeine, lots of mental work, and the relief of finally finishing a big project.

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And randomness: Neffie and I got a cell phone today! Hmm, wonder if we'll ever use if for anything other than an MP3 player? *g*

Whew - long post! But you did say you wanted me to post more often... One of those cases of "be careful what you wish for," apparently.  ;)
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YES! At last, after two years of living in this house, we are finally done with furniture shopping! *collapses* We spent all day today shopping for furniture for our living room - not easy when you live in a triangular house, with a living room shaped like a baseball diamond, and no one can figure out exactly how you're supposed to furnish it. But it looks like we finally have everything picked out! All that remains is to make a final decision on the fabric, which, believe me, is definitely the easy part, especially since by now we already have a pretty good idea of what we're looking for. We just didn't have time to pick it out tonight, because by the time we'd reached a decision the stores were closed. Yeah, it's been a long day. By this point, when someone asked my opinion on something, my response tended to be, "If it means we can be done, I love it." ;P

And on a side note, it's so very wonderful to have a family that, while not quite so geeky over sci-fi and such as Nef and I, are willing to get into the spirit of things. We've been watching a bunch of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis as a family, and it seems to come up quite often in conversations. For instance: while we were at one of the furniture stores, we were looking at a map of their locations across the country...

Nef, looking at the many orange triangles: "Wow, it looks like they're taking over the world or something."

Dad: "Yeah, it's like those maps of the Replicator invasion of the galaxy." Pause. "You know, everything kind of relates back to Stargate, doesn't it?"

Hehe... Now if only I could get him to see how great Star Trek: TOS is... That, I fear, is a lost cause. *sighs* He really doesn't do so well with poor special effects. Ah well, at least he does like the movies and some of the later series...


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