May. 2nd, 2013 10:08 am
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So, we've been staying in a hotel here in southern Minnesota, doing a bunch of shopping while Dad's at a conference. This morning, though, we're just staying in the hotel and ordering in pizza for lunch. Because, between last night and this morning, we've got... at least 10 inches of snow.

The previous record snowfall in May here? Largest one since 1893 was 2 inches.

Mmhmm. It's totally well into Spring. And the planet is in immanent danger of destruction via "global warming."

Anyone else know some good jokes? >>
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Had a couple interesting days, here. Starting off with - Spring? Hahahaha. Not so much. Got... over 12 inches of snow yesterday, I believe. I'd have appreciated it a whole lot more closer to the middle of winter. Particularly coming on the heels of the eight inches or so we got last week. Heh.

We did manage to get into town before the snowcover got too heavy, though, because Nef and I were babysitting a family of five kids while their parents are out of town yesterday afternoon through tonight. Fortunately the parents got to their hotel alright, if a bit late... Our own family was slightly less fortunate.

We got an email from Mom at about a 10:30 pm to let us know that Dad's truck had gone into the creek ditch behind our house. Thankfully both he and our brother were okay - they were in the process of plowing our driveway so Dad could get to work in the morning, and neither of them were wearing seatbelts at the time (since they often need to get in and out while plowing), so it could have been a lot worse. Doesn't even look like the truck was too badly damaged in the end. But of course they weren't able to get a tow truck out at that time of night, or even early this morning, so Dad wasn't able to get in to work until about noon today.

Other than that it's been a fun couple of days, though. My level of exhaustion at the end of the days has me questioning my capabilities as a future mother but... everyone got fed good meals on time, everyone got their chores and schoolwork done (they're all homeschooled, so we were teaching/supervising work today), no one got hurt, and nothing got destroyed.  So all in all I count it a success. *bg*
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Well, we've been hearing that the unseasonably warm streak (i.e., highs in the low 60s) was bound to break soon... and looks like today it has. Woke up to snow on the ground, and it's still coming down. 

I love winter. :D
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 Soooo.... it's snowing again. News last night was talking about us getting as much as ten inches. 

I think we've just skipped right over spring and summer and headed right back into fall, this year. XD No flowers, no leaves on the trees, barely some green grass... From what I've been hearing, it's been so cold and wet that the farmers haven't been able to get any of their crops planted yet - where last year by this time they had something like 65% in the ground. 

I'm just gonna go back into hibernation, here. Time to get a fire going in the fireplace. *huddles* 

Ah well. At least the weather seems to be ridiculously conducive to writing? That, or White Collar's just ridiculously inspirational in general. *g* Think I'm gonna have another story finished by the end of the week! I need to go back and add up my word counts, here, because I actually think I'm rivaling my accomplishments of last November for NaNo as far as "most writing done in a month." o.O 

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Decided to try out that accent-identifier quiz that [livejournal.com profile] cairistiona7 posted earlier. ^.^

Meme, and stuff. )
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Woke up this morning to - snow! *dances* I was sad to have missed our first snowfall, while we were in Texas, but this one has a better chance of sticking around for a bit. As it's still going... I have hopes of getting a considerable amount today. Yay!  

And the writing? Is still moving forward. ^.^

I've found that listening to music helps a lot. And it helps more if I put use a headset, instead of just listening to it on the CD player in the background. Doesn't seem to matter whether either the subject or mood of the music fits what I'm trying to write, or even whether or not it has words (which I'd have thought would be really distracting, but... *shrug*). Heheh, I guess it seems to be effective in drowning out the dozen extraneous thoughts to allow me to focus on just one. Plus, when I run into a momentary blank spot and am trying to decide on the next words to get things rolling again, it fills in just enough to keep me from getting bored with my own brain, and wandering off to unrelated thoughts. And I seem to write faster if I can't hear myself type. Which is stupid, but hey, whatever works. (Hmm. Maybe I have more ADD tendencies than I'd previously thought? Or... something. General weirdness, maybe. *g*)

Also, have discovered that yes, I really should just write those random, stupid, pointless, out of context scenes that I feel like writing, instead of forcing myself to flail randomly at the next part of the Main Story. Because yes, sometimes it leads to The Most Stupid Conversation Ever, which is humiliating both for me and the poor characters involved. But other times... it leads to Important Realizations, and a lot more fun than I expected. And that's cool. ^.^

So. I am now - 

12526 / 25000 (50.10%)

Over. Half. Way. Yes!  :D :D :D

Time for a reading break. *curls up with Wayfarer*
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 Ahhh, much as I enjoy vacations, it is good to be home. 

Had lots of fun this last week. Did a bunch of shopping, mostly at thrift stores. Found some really nice, long skirts, a few shirts - got new green and yellow ones. For some reason, I can have any other color shirt I want, but if I get a nice green or yellow one, it gets stained. Herm. Here's hoping these are presentable a little longer than others have been. *g* 

I got a bunch of new sketch pads, and some new pencils too. There's one craft store there... well, suffice it to say, I got four good new sketch books - including one large one - for about the price I'd normally expect to pay for maybe one or two of them, depending on where I got them. Hehe, and I needed the new ones, too - I've just got one page left in my current sketch book. Apparently I am becoming more prolific. I don't think it was really smaller than the ones I've been using, but where it typically takes me right about a year to fill one completely, this one took me just over six months, I believe. And I was doing several sketches to a page much more often than I have in the past. o.o 

Also got a fun-looking new Star Trek novel (99 cents - why not?). *wistful sigh* It is so much fun to look through books at thrift stores, greeting all the old friends, finding new, interesting ones.... Unfortunately, it always gives me the urge to go and buy them all, which, yeah, doesn't work so well. You know what I'd really like to be? A bibliopath. (Yeah, noooo idea of that even resembles correct linguistics - I'm tired, mmkay?) But - you know, a telepath can read/sense others' thoughts? And empaths sense feelings? Yeah, I wish I could just pick up a book and get a feel for it. Not instantly read it, or know the plot, or anything like that - that would take all the fun away. But to be able to get a sense for what sort of book it is, and just.... Ahem. Anyhow. Yeah, had fun, still managed to restrain myself. ;)

AND - I found a two-disk special edition DVD set of "Search for Spock". In practically new condition. For four dollars. *dies*

Speaking of Star Trek, y'know what's awesome? When it's on TV all day. *geeky bliss* Yeeeah, I don't have that many opportunities to watch anything besides the Original Series, so this trip is always my time to catch some episodes of the various series. (I have decided that I like Star Trek Enterprise. *nods* Tucker may be one of my favorite characters in it. The fact that he was Michael in SGA - such a nasssty villain - and seems like such a sweet guy in this adds to the fun. ;D) 

And with all the geeky wonderfulness, sci-fi has begun to really invade my dreams, more than usual. I don't mean just the occasional random appearance by Picard or Ronon - though there were those, yes. *g* But also, hmmm, one in particular with a whole world, various races, snatches of intriguing plot, which had me hurrying to write down notes as soon as I woke up, 'cause it actually still made sense then. And sketching. *pats cuuute little bat-dragons* I think I may have to post a few little sketches tomorrow, when I can get them scanned in. ^.^

Also, it is snowing like crazy right now. And it's actually accumulating, too. 

I love Minnesota. My state is insane. :D

(So am I. I should get some sleep now. That ought to help at least a little.)
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I've seen some... interesting writing around town lately.

Take this, at the movie rental place:


Since the fine print isn't legible, you'll have to take my word for what it says underneath: See store for details. (It says the same thing twice, nothing else.) Nope, no "Free rentals to Kids." No "Free Kids' Movies." Nothing. Simply the statement that they are giving away kids here. I would think that one would get in trouble for such things.

Then there's this advertisement for a jazz concert:


Check out the part in the pink circle. Not only a random quote not attributed to anyone, but... erm, devastating? This is the word they choose to try to convince people to come? I've been wracking my mind to try to figure out what similar-sounding word they might have meant. I can come up with plenty that would've worked better... but none of them really look or sound anything like "devastating." Quite unique, that. Appropriate enough for a very sad, dramatic movie, maybe, but a jazz band? Herm.


*blows smoke away from her pistol*

Pics of mah four-footed babies :D )
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Snowed almost all day. The internet kept cutting out. Worked on lots of editing. Dad and Eric accidentally lit the dryer on fire. Then they went out to cut down a dead tree. It fell the opposite direction from what they'd been expecting, and got caught on two other trees. So they cut those trees down too. Except they got caught on another tree...

You know. That kind of ordinary mid-October day.

I'm gonna go make some hot chocolate and get someone to light me a fire. In the fireplace. :)

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Apparently it snowed last night. A bit more than just a dusting. Woke up this morning to everything covered in white. *sighs happily* Generally the first snow doesn't actually accumulate...

Bit of an early winter, maybe? :)

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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...  when it's ten below zero outside, and yet somehow, in your confused little mind, the idea of putting on a coat just to go back and forth between parking lots and stores... doesn't seem worthwhile. So you just wear a sweater instead. And it turns out you're fine, actually. Also, when it warms aaaall the way up to negative one, and it actually does feel significantly warmer. Either that, or possibly I've just had enough time to become truly acclimated now?

Anywho - since we didn't make it to karate promotions last night, we had a private testing today. Not too bad, got two stripes... Our teacher says we really need to start sparring now, though. So. *gulps* I'm so totally gonna get beat up. *cringes*

And a police officer came to karate today. Not for class, but because I found his ID badge lying out in the snow, so we had to call and let him know where he could come get it. He was very relieved. LOL, yeah, not the kinda thing you want to lose, I'd imagine. *g* Ah, the great excitement and adventure in my life... Yes, I'm boring, I know. ;P

Started snowing like crazy again on our way home, and it's not showing any signs of letting up. Yays! *dances* We're gonna have a very white Christmas, it appears. ;D

Oh! And I started reading The Copyeditor's Handbook. Not very far into it yet, but already So. Very. Awesome. He! Reading books like this makes me so happy. *hugs it* So far the author seems to have both a whole lot of great down-to-earth common sense, and a fun sense of humor. And since the book comes very highly recommended, I have high hopes that it'll prove both useful and very interesting. *bouncy*

So, not a whole lot to say, just feeling like being random. :) Think I'm going to curl up with my electric blanket and do some more reading.

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So, April in Minnesota... Heard a couple days ago we were supposed to have a bit of a storm here - they were saying 12 to 16 inches of snow in our area. It's been snowing since yesterday afternoon, turned into a snow/slushstorm with thunder and lightning for a bit last night, still snowing today, and we've got about a foot accumulated on the ground now. No signs of stopping yet, so it's looking more like 16 inches. Blah. Why couldn't we have gotten this back at the beginning of winter? I love snow and cold, but I'm really ready for spring here. *sighs* On the upside, maple syrup making's been going well - we've already got about three times what we got last year, and the guys are anticipating that we'll wind up with five or six times.

Been doing some general thinking about my book lately, things like my intended audience, how to define the book, pros and cons of bringing in the subject of fanfiction, how much I wanted it to be focused on fiction writing rather than writing in general... Mom needed me to write up a short description of it to send to someone for this upcoming online homeschool conference that it might be advertised at, which was... not easy. I'm so bad at summaries. (Which I always kinda hate to say, 'cause it gives me flashbacks to really bad fanfic stories with such eloquent and intriguing descriptions as, "I suk at summarys - just reed it! It's a gr8 story, I promise! Pls review!!!11!! btw, can ne1 think of a title for this, I know this one's lame but I couldn't think of anything else" ;P ) But I think it came out pretty well, and it's helped me think some things through more clearly. So I might post more about that later today. If I manage to get my act together.

Oh, and I'm still trying to come up with a title for It. Aw man, apparently I do resemble the above lame summary more than I thought. *cringes and considers printing out her writing just so she can burn it*

Speaking of the online conference, though... Have I mentioned that my mom is now a Famous and Popular Author, and has been asked to give two lectures for this conference? Very neat, particularly since there are some other really famous (at least in homeschooling circles) speakers there. So she's been doing some recording (they record the lectures over the internet, live with an audience, but ahead of time, and release them during the conference), and she's gotten some really positive responses so far... Cool. :D 'Course that means she's needed a bit of a crash course in certain slang and internet terms... One young mom said that she was "the bomb" and Mom didn't know whether she was supposed to be insulted or not. *bg*

And apparently my brain is not functioning today. Seems like every time anyone's talked to me I've misheard or misunderstood, or just done something stupid. Mom's remarked several times this morning that I'm really out of it today. *headdesk* And I've really got to get a whole lotta editing and writing done today. Should be interesting. :P

Gotta go!  
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Well, our lake finally froze over a few days ago - it usually seems to be one of the last in the area to do so. And today I woke up to see the ground covered in snow. Yay! And it's been snowing all morning - even more yay! And it's still snowing! And according to the weathermen we're supposed to get 14 inches of snow today! And there was much rejoicing in the land. *bg*

Now it's really starting to feel like Christmas. Such a lovely way to start December... *happy sigh*


Nov. 5th, 2007 02:12 pm
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Wheee! It's SNOWING! Hard! And it's even accumulating! *dances*

Yeah, so maybe it's not likely to stick around for very long yet. But the highs are supposed to be in the thirties for at least the next week, so it's possible, maybe...

I love snow. *bg*


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