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 My bird is really sick, and I'm afraid he's dying. I know ten years is a pretty good lifespan for a parakeet, and I'm blessed to have had such a wonderful pet for so long, and I'm doing everything I can for the time being, getting him the vitamins and antibiotics and syringe feeding him to make sure he's getting what he needs, but I just... I thought I was doing fine the last few days, but today I can't stop crying whenever I try to think about it or talk about it. It's taken me a stupid amount of time just to type this, because I have to keep stopping. I couldn't even talk to the vet when she called this morning to see how he was doing, and I have never reacted that way before, no matter how sick any of our pets have been.  

At the moment I'm just trying really hard not to burst into tears again, because I really need to get some things done today, and sitting here crying when he's still alive isn't going to do anything for anything. But I'm having a hard time actually focusing on anything remotely important. 

Please pray for him? And for me... I know that I should be dealing with this better, but at the moment all I really want to do is sit here and cry a while longer. 

I fail.

Oct. 22nd, 2008 12:52 pm
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Yeah... apparently I'm a failure as a foster mom for birds.

Think I told most of you that a pair of our friends' parakeets started nesting. So, they asked if we'd be interested in taking them for a while, to help raise the babies and tame them when they hatch. Being the animal person around here, and the one who's the most read up on the subject, I've been kind of the head of operations.The parents are so absolutely sweet together, and they'd already laid two eggs - the usual number for parakeets is 3 to 5. Raising three or four little baby birds sounded like so much fun, and I was so excited. I was even more excited when the momma bird just kept laying... and laying... until she wound up with a total of seven eggs. It was so cute, seeing her try to spread such a small body over so many eggs - not to mention the way the male would just hover over her and sing to her. 

And then suddenly she just stopped sitting on the eggs, threw them all out of the box, and punched holes in their sides. Needless to say, we were... upset. But then after a couple days she started laying again - a total of three this time. I wanted so badly to get things right this time around, was so careful not to let them get disturbed, and everything seemed to be finally going well. Until, after about a week of sitting on them, she did the same thing again. 

I know there was likely nothing I could have done to change it, and she probably did it for a reason, knew they weren't viable anyway, something. But I still can't help wondering if there was something I did, or didn't do, or... *sighs* And I feel so sad over ten baby birds that never even had a chance at living. Maybe I'm being overdramatic, and I shouldn't get so upset over losing animals, but... I just feel like crying.

In other news... my cousin was hit by a semi while biking this morning. A hit-and-run, since the driver didn't stop at all, but with a truck that big it's possible they didn't realize what had happened. She's alive, and should recover well, but she's already had one surgery today, and needs another within the next few days. So... yeah. Since they're in Arizona, there's so little we can do for them, and news is kind of limited. Yet more unsaved family members I would very much appreciate prayers for - both her, and her mother, my dad's sister.

Heh, we've got so few relatives, I'm starting to suspect that they're all going to go into crisis at once...

In happier news, the meteorologists are saying we might get some snow today. That'd definitely be nice. *looks out at the rain hopefully*

Gotta get back to work.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:51 pm
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LOL, oh yes, I'm still very much excited and energized and walking around with a permanent goofy grin on my face. But come on, tell me...

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Little Lexie Ann was born this morning, and she is absolutely the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect baby in the entire world. Yes, the entire world. And I say that with very detached, unbiased judgement. ;D She's so sweet and content and tiny - I can hold her in one arm! And she is adorable. She's got her father's black, curly hair (and so much of it!), and slightly darker complexion, but she looks so very, very much like Ashley... And she's just wonderful. I'm so, so happy that both Nef and I are recovered and no longer contagious and were able to hold her. I never wanted to give her back!

The birth went well, both Ashley and Lexie are healthy and happy and doing very well. She was born right on her due date, and despite seeming so amazingly tiny she's actually quite a healthy size. Thanks very much for all your prayers for both of them. :) And please don't stop! In many ways, the hard part is only just beginning.

But oh, I am so looking forward to babysitting duties! Hee, such excellent motivation to get in lots more driving practice and get my license very soon. I have the most adorable great niece in the whole world!!!!

Hee, and yes, I am very tired and extremely giddy. ;D But she's so wonderful! LOL, I'll probably post a picture... tomorrow. When I've had some sleep. :D
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Man, there have been so many things over the last week or so that I've wanted to post about, and others' posts I've wanted to comment on.  There's been so much going on, however, that I haven't had the time to actually do so. Sorry for my scarce presence on the internets of late. I keep typing up part of a post, and then not having time to finish... So I guess this is gonna be a bit of a mixed collection of everything that's been going on.

Been working on the editing for TEACH a lot, of course. They weren't able to send me all the articles at the beginning, so I wound up getting a lot one at a time right toward the end. So kinda hectic, but manageable this time, since she didn't object to my extending the deadline a bit.
My grandma's also been here for the last week (well, step-grandma, technically, my grandpa re-married in his 70s), so when I haven't been editing I've pretty much been spending time with her.

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First off, a bit of praise and celebration - Ashley's visit to the doctor went well. Apparently the baby weighs about four and a half pounds at the moment, and everything is looking good for a healthy birth. Praise God!

And yesterday was rather exciting... We're going to be gone during karate promotions night, so we were tested early - Nef, Eric, and I are now all green-with-purple belts! Yays! ;D

And then we had a big storm here last night, with us right in the path of the worst of it (bad enough that the weather radio actually mentioned our little town by name o.o). So we all had to rush around to secure everything before it hit, and then piled into our basement bathroom. Five people, two cats, a dog, and a bird are a bit of a tight squeeze in one bathroom. Heh, and even though it doesn't phase Strider in the slightest, the cats have recently demonstrated that thunderstorms make them nervous. Fortunately it tends more toward the clingy, cuddly, and hiding in the shower, rather than going berzerk. ;)

For some reason, having to take shelter during severe weather tends to make most of our family rather punchy and giggly. As when Neffie was giving the animals some water in her cupped hands, and then decided to wipe her hands off on my towel. When I protested and told her to use her own, she said, "But it's way over there!" *points two feet away* XP

Anywho, it turned out all right - storm passed over, and almost immediately the sky cleared up and we could see the moon. No damage to the house, and I don't think we even had anything to speak of to the trees. Less than the last big storm, when one of the trees down by the lake blew over. Fortunately it was a comparatively small one, and it even helpfully toppled right on top of our wood pile - guess it knew where it was going to wind up. ;P

And in just a few hours we'll be heading off to the cabin! So if you don't hear from me in the next week or so, it's not a sign that I don't care or that something drastic's happened - just a sign that I'm out in the middle of nowhere without internet. :D

Talk to y'all when I get back!
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First off - happy slightly-belated Easter! Hope you all had a wonderful one.

My own was really, really good. I've been reading a lot of C.S. Lewis lately (mostly his essays on stories), and between that and yesterday's service, I was just... I don't know, it's hard to put into words. Struck again by how real this is, I suppose. It's like... all the most wonderful and epic stories and legends you read, and desperately wish were true, that there were heroes and adventures just like that, how wonderful it is to see the good guys triumph, and the bad ones utterly defeated - and this, this story that we base our lives on, it is. Worse villains, more wonderful Heroes than anyone can fully imagine, greater victories, and more real than anything else around us. And it not only exists, we're part of it. Maybe not a big part, most of us, or what seems like an important part, but we are important to the Hero and Author of the story - and He loves us and knows us as individuals, and wants us to know and love Him. It's... mind-boggling.

I don't know, maybe it sounds disrespectful, like I'm trivializing the gospel. It's just hard to find the right words for impressions like this sometimes. What I felt was more like awe. I can't be the only one who's read Narnia and just ached to go there. And then to realize that it is real, Aslan does exist here, now, greater than any author can capture Him - and yet here it can be so hard at times to really see and feel that reality. Sometimes I get so impatient and homesick for heaven. As weak as my faith is, as completely messed up as my priorities so often are - how could I survive without this foundation?

And that's all for now - must get back to work.


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