Oct. 1st, 2016 04:12 pm
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Well, I've officially got whatever nasty cold Nef's been down with this week. Going to sparring anyway today was maybe not the smartest decision I've ever made, but since I knew it'd be a couple weeks until I could get to it again...

On the one hand, I did better than I expected. On the other, now I can't be sure if I'm sore and headachy because I'm sick or because I got repeatedly punched in the head and knocked down by a guy twice my size. (Still won the fight, though. And the instructor said I was turning into a superstar on them. So there's that. ^^)

As a more interesting diversion from being sick, though - a flying squirrel has moved into our attached garage/the walls of our house. I knew we had some living nearby, but we don't see much of them because they're usually really shy, besides being nocturnal.

This one, though, is the most brazen, attitude-filled little thing I've ever seen. Doesn't seem to much care who knows he's around. And Ella, our mighty, fierce huntress cat who will take down anything that moves, including rabbits nearly as big as she is, seems to have just shrugged and decided this is okay. Last night I went to give her dinner and he was right there and just... didn't leave. Scooted over a bit, and then just sat there a couple feet away. She just looked at him, then looked at me like, "Yeah, so? He's my roommate now. You gonna give me dinner, or what?"

He stayed there while I went to get her dinner and came back, like he was waiting to see if he'd get dinner too. Didn't head off to the other side of the garage until Ella practically stepped on him. She acted like he was invisible.


I mean, he's adorable. And I don't actually want him to get killed, because I love flying squirrels. But having one living in our house is probably not a good thing? Even if he hasn't done any noticeable harm yet. And. Uh. This cat is apparently going to be no help at all in figuring out what to do about it. (She killed a mouse last night and left it by the door, just to prove that she hasn't actually forgotten how to do her job.)

So... for now, we've got a kind-of-pet flying squirrel? And yet one more illustration of why our friends call us the home for confused animals.

I think I'll call him Sam. 
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Guess who's currently in possession of five cats!

Actually, to be precise, due to Adventures in Petsitting combined with our own animals, we currently have five cats, a dog, and a bird.

Of the inter-species pairs, only the dog and bird can be safely left in a room together. Due to either feuding, Great Trauma, or unfamiliarity, only two of the cats can be left together unsupervised. And our house... does not have an abundance of areas with doors that can be closed off.

Trying to navigate the days right now is like a super complicated version of one of those "you need to get a fox, a chicken, and a bag of grain across the river" logic puzzles. And my ability to concentrate on getting anything useful done is... very close to zero at the moment. XD

Fortunately, despite all the insanity, our visiting kitties are terribly, terribly sweet.

They're also just a little too smart for their own good. They've already figured out how to turn on the washing machine alllll by themselves. Heh. 


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