Apr. 9th, 2017 07:59 pm
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Finally got to the doctor a couple days ago. Always nerve-wracking, meeting a new doctor for the first time, but I unexpectedly lost my regular doctor recently, which is one reason it took me so long to get to see someone about stuff.

Anyhow, she thinks the problem with my hip's a labral tear - basically damaged the damaged the cartilage around my hip socket. Having a tear like that, the cartilage can basically curl in and get caught in the joint. Whiiiich would explain what's been making it hurt worse and the catching/popping issues I've been having.

Ankles are a bit more unclear. There are a couple things that might be torn, but it was hard for her to tell much. She's referring me to a specialist to try to figure out what's happening there and to have a look at the hip. Short term plan, I've got some braces to get me through the next week with the black belt exam when I'm doing more strenuous stuff, wraps and orthotics to wear around the house, then gonna see how things are functioning once I can rest everything rather than constantly straining and reinjuring myself. Long term, may wind up needing one or more surgeries to get things straightened out, but we'll see.

I think my body suddenly realized I'll be 30 in a few days and decided, "Hmm, 30 years... Yeah, that'd be a good, long career most places. Think it's about time I retire now. You're not, like, going to need me around here or anything, are you?" Honestly, though, at this point it's a relief just to have something more concrete to say than "I have injured myself and now everything hurts." (LOL, now I'm getting visions of myself in one of those commercials: Help, I've fallen and I can't get up...)

Speaking of - I'm turning 30 on Wednesday. Which is... weird. Mostly I don't care enough to have any kind of crisis about it. XD I don't know, in a way it feels like a Big Deal, but while I wouldn't say my teens/early twenties were awful by any means, there was just so much really hard mental and emotional stuff, growing pains, all that. For all I'm a nostalgic person and have trouble with change, I wouldn't actually want to turn back time, and there are so many ways that I feel like things have steadied out and I've improved as a person in recent years. More than anything, I'm happy with the direction my life seems to be headed and excited to be heading into a new phase of it. Getting another year older in the process isn't traumatic.

Still weird, though, the thought of not being in my twenties anymore. 


Apr. 4th, 2017 10:15 am
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So. I just got back from my feedback meeting on Friday's test (6 out of 7) and I HAVE PASSED.

Still got some tough classes to push through this week and next to finish perfecting details before the final black belt exam on the 15th, but basically at this point I'd have to really, really mess up at the exam to fail it.

Very relieved. And very tired. I've got a doctor's appointment on Thursday to try to figure out how badly I've messed up my ankles/legs what's going on with the issues I've been having and have a look at my injuries. So hopefully that'll be helpful.

Now if I can just stop injuring myself further for a while... I took some pretty nasty kicks at sparring Saturday, one to my wrist and one to my chin, which have left some rather interesting bruising, even despite safety gear. Also burned my finger today and managed to get another bruise on my foot tonight, getting stepped on during class and basically at this point the degree to which my body is falling apart is pretty much just hilarious except kind of not. >.<

Annnd I'm way too tired now to have anything coherent to say so I'm going to bed. But yes. I'm happy. A break is finally in sight... 
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Finished my black belt screening, and I didn't actually collapse. Was pretty sure I was going to for a while there, but I didn't. XD I won't know what the verdict is until... Saturday, probably. But right now I'm feeling pretty good about how I did, all things considered, so I'm hopeful. If I passed, that'll be four of the seven down, three to go. (The next two being the hardest, but heh, let's not think about that now. ) And it is such an incredible relief to have it done.

In somewhat less happy news, I managed to do... something to my hip in the process of doing the tornado kick portion of the test. It felt like it might be really bad, especially when I could barely raise my knee this morning. Didn't seem like any pulled or strained muscle I've had before, more like something was wrong with the joint itself. But then in the process of stretching and testing my range of motion today I apparently managed to pop whatever-it-was back into place. At any rate, I felt something click in my hip and now I seem to have pretty much normal range of motion back with just general achy soreness instead of sharp, Something Is Wrong pain, so... Not sure exactly what happened, but crisis seems to be averted in that regard. Pretty sure it's gonna be okay with a couple days of taking it easy.

So. Nothing definite, but I'm no longer in I May Die mode for the time being. ^^


Nov. 21st, 2013 03:58 pm
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Yep, that's pretty much been my mental and physical reaction to this month so far. Between helping my mom through the continuing recovery from her surgery the first half of the month (she's pretty well back to normal now), being right in the middle of the most stressful and demanding part of the black belt testing process, and a ton of other events and obligations, this year was probably not a good one to also decide to do a half NaNo.

But... I'm really liking the way my novel's coming along so far, and without that goal to push myself toward I knew I would've probably would've given in to exhaustion and just not worked on it at all this month. So. I've been writing. And so far it's still coming along. My current word count's at -

20048 / 25000 (80.19%)

Still on track to finish at this point, much to my own surprise!

Karate is also going well. Between particularly intense workouts and getting punched in the head multiple times (not hard enough for a concussion... definitely hard enough to snap my head back and leave me with a stiff neck for days) soreness is pretty much a way of life at the moment.

I also found out, belatedly (my brother knew, but didn't realize I hadn't heard) that one part of the screening tests was a trick question, test-of-your-character sort of scenario. You're given a couple of options as if they really don't care either way which you do, but in fact your choice is actually a rather major factor in their assessment of you. Not being aware beforehand, I chose correctly by pure accident (or Divine intervention, more like), rather than some kind of determination to challenge myself and push my limits. I didn't think I could manage the easier option without flailing and/or falling over at that point, while I was pretty sure I could do the harder one technically correctly, even if my execution wasn't awesomely impressive. XD

So - Eric and I just got word that we both passed our final screening, and will be allowed to go down to the Cities for the final exam on December 7th! Which means a lot of intense preparation yet, and I've got to fit in the required number of sparring sessions before then (which will be... tight), but I think we both have a really good chance of passing the final exam. \o/ But in the meantime... ow. Also, tired.

I've also been re-reading Queen of Attolia and King of Attolia during car rides and at night to unwind, and they are not only making me very happy but doing an excellent job of reminding me exactly why I wanted to write in the first place. What a wonderful reward it would be if someday someone laid in bed reading one of my books, desperately trying to smother gleeful giggles for fear of disturbing family members...

And that's basically a summary of my life lately.

Now I need to go and write a little more, because I'm behind on my word count for the day.
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Also, my head hurts and I may wind up with a permanent scar on my forehead.

- Figuring out how to wash my hair tonight is not going to be fun
- Ow
- That was stupid
- Possible permanent scar on my face

- Will be mostly hidden by my hair once it heals
- Being in possession of a scar... caused by a sword.

If only the story behind it could be more "Cami was involved in a dramatic fight, in which she was injured by her opponent's sword!" and less "Cami is her own worst enemy and needs to be more situationally aware, especially when she's tired."

I'm just lucky I didn't hurt my foot as well, kicking the wall that hard afterward. *headdesk**gently**because... ow*
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 ... you start with a pleasant discussion of Thanksgiving celebrations, you end with helping to clean the blood off the floor. Literally, not figuratively. 

Gotta love it.

(Not my blood, by the way. Although I did suspect for a while that I was going to wind up with whiplash and a severely bruised chin and/or hand, after a few kicks from guys twice my size went awry. XP)
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The good news: cut on my left hand's healing nicely, doesn't hurt so much anymore, should only leave a small scar, I think. The bad news: I have impaled myself on a fork. It takes a lot of force to draw blood with a fork, y'know? Think I need to avoid the kitchen for a while. Or at least stop putting away dishes.

Nah, it's not serious, but ooowww. And my right hand this time, too. Phooey.
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why am i typing like this? because i'm only using one hand. why's that? because i dropped a glass bowl and cut both my hands. right one's just got a little nick, but it's taking a surprisingly long time to stop bleeding. cut on the left one's rather deep. i actually think i came within a millimeter of passing out. weirdest sensation... all the more so because i just do not react that way to blood or injury, mine or others'. but then, i hadn't eaten or drank anything yet today, so that probably contributed.

spent half an hour laying on the kitchen floor, getting the bleeding to stop and waiting to not be so dizzy. and being embarrassed because i was really not trying to be all melodramatic.

and then nef got all concerned because i started grinning. y'see i'd just remembered it's friday the 13th. ha.ha.


*iz ded*

Feb. 4th, 2009 08:39 pm
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Did sparring for the first time last night. Not necessarily one of my better decisions, but... it's the first chance I've had to get there, and almost certainly the only time I'll be able to before the next promotion night. So.

Not that much to report. That much activity combined with a cold didn't work so well. Was almost ready to throw up by the end. A certain person-who-needs-to-learn-to-pull-punches hit me in the head hard enough to make me dizzy. Survived anyway. Since it was my first time, I got paired up with mainly kids (some of whom I think... may have been scared of me, bizarre as the thought may be), so in general I didn't get beat up too terribly badly. Was pretty miserable/wiped out last night, and almost told the instructor I wasn't going to be able to go on, despite breaks, when the class mercifully ended, but... I think it's something I could get to enjoy, when I'm not sick to begin with.

Otherwise - emotionally, I'm doing considerably better. Physically... yeah, not so much. To quote a song - "It's gotta get worse, before it gets... worse." *keels over* Mentally? Let's not even go there. I just spelled first "furst" - does that tell you something of my present state?


Very, very, very cold. )

Heh heh. Just had to share that, 'cause it's cute. On the news tonight they mentioned that it's been 46 days since the official beginning of winter. Of those days, 41 have been below freezing here. Normally, I'm delighted over that. At the moment? Can. Not. Get. Warm.

*crawls off to bed, with many blankets*

(Oh, and since my main occupations at the moment are Things That Do Not Require Complex Thought... I finally caved, and got some of those dragon eggs everyone else has. Because I like dragons, very much, and these are cute. So... give my eggs some clicks please?)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

ETA: One more, just 'cause. :) Adopt one today!


Nov. 20th, 2007 03:36 pm
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So, we had a surprise guest teacher at karate today. And I was very nervous, wondering if it was one of the owners stopping in for a "pop quiz" to see how we were getting on or something of the sort. But no, just a guest teacher, Mr. Olsen, to introduce us to some new concepts. I was quite relieved when he stepped to the front and started off saying, "Relax, all of you." (since we had, of course, come to attention when we were done with the stretches)

Well, relief was a bit premature, since he then proceeded to inform us that today we were going to be learning pain manipulation - "In other words, you're going to be hurting each other." He then went on to talk about keeping close to your opponent during a fight, and using all parts of your body and theirs, and his general rule (specifically in regards to using your hands in a fight): "Big bones rule, small bones break." By which point it became clear that I wasn't going to live out the day, which was a pity, since I'd really hoped to at least get to gold belt before I died.

Y'know, it adds a whole new level to respecting authority when all the teacher needs to do to get your legs to collapse completely is touch your arm. *rubs arm* Ow.

But actually, the class turned out to be a lot of fun. Yeah, the teacher's a bit bloodthirsty, but he was also very relaxed and funny. And matters were greatly helped by the fact that, since we're almost exactly the same as far as height, weight, and strength, Nef and I generally wind up paired together. Which is nice for many reasons: we're not bothered by getting in each other's personal space,  we know each other's strength (and therefore how much force we need to use ourselves), we also know each other's weaknesses (her bad back, my bad wrists, etc.) and so which moves we need to be more careful with, we trust each other enough that if someone's going to be throwing us to the floor it's about the least intimidating option...

Plus, I must admit, it was quite fun seeing our regular Tuesday teacher, a young, strong, six-foot-plus guy, get flipped around and pinned to the floor by Mr. Olsen, a shorter and considerably older man, while he was being used to demonstrate some of the moves. *g*

But ow, even doing it slow-motion and carefully, taking turns getting fingers, arms, wrists, etc. twisted around and being thrown to the ground repeatedly for an hour... hurts. Yup, I'm gonna be wearing my wrist braces for the rest of the day.

Still, very fun, and he told some great stories. And the moves we learned today are very cool. :D Wonder if Dad'll be willing to play the part of practice dummy when he asks tonight what we learned in class...


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