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Any other watchers of both NCIS: LA and White Collar out there? Because I am wondering if Neffie and I are the only ones who've been thinking this. The actor who plays one of the recurring villains in NCIS: LA, The Chameleon? Looks scarily like evil!Peter Burke, wearing some kind of makeup disguise. Something about his eyes and expressions in the episodes he's been in, just... o.O 

I know he's been in a bunch of other movies (I think the actor's name is Christopher Lambert?), but I can't recall having watched anything else with him in it, so I can't say if it's something the makeup/costuming, etc. for his role in NCIS, or if there really is an odd resemblance, or if we're just going crazy, here.

But seriously. Watching him in the last couple of episodes (last year's finale, this season's premier) has been weirding me out, big time. Freaky evil Peter in disguise. *shivers* 
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Did you hear that? Yes, that would be my reaction to tonight's NCIS episode. Ohyes. I liked it so very, very, VERY much. I had entirely given up even wishing for a Tony-and-Gibbs'-first-meeting episode, and this - this was better than I'd dared hope. It might even make up for that last episode with Tony's dad. In fact, I think it does make up for it. They even paid attention to their own canon. (Neffie and I kept saying, "Oh, they HAVE to incorporate the 'I smiled' line!" And then they DID right at the end!) And it was funny. And so much angsting!Tony and concerned!Gibbs. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. 

Yessss, this makes me very happy. 


Also, NCIS:LA was quite good as well. I think I'm becoming... somewhat less annoyed by Deeks-centric episodes. (Where, to begin with, I could only tolerate him in the role of comic relief.) I still think he edges too close to G's territory as far as angst goes, particularly the angsteh-past stuff (and I really, really want s'more G angst! *pouts*), buuuut... it was a fun episode nonetheless, and I enjoyed it muchly. Hey, I'm trying not to be too demanding of my favorite shows. And mostly it's working. ;D


Nov. 30th, 2010 10:00 pm
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30006 / 30000 (100.02%)

Thirty. Thousand. Words. I did it. I have never written that much in a month, ever. Longest story I've written was just over 30,000 words - and that one took me about six months. Not that that was necessarily the only thing I wrote on during that time, but yeah. So happy! :D
Heheh, I actually came surprisingly close to not making it at the last minute, though. Today and yesterday I was pretty much fighting every step of the way, with absolutely no motivation, and grinding out those words was painful. Although, surprisingly, I actually do really like what I got done. And I got through several really tough spots in the story, too! (Heh, which, yes, could have a leetle something to do with my lack of eagerness to get at it. :P) If it hadn't been for the knowledge that falling less than 2,500 words short of the goal at that point in the game would be well and truly pathetic... 

I am just really pleased with the overall progress I managed, though. 

General summary of accomplishments. )

Also got a bit of arty stuff done recently, so I think I'll post a handful of pics while I'm here. ^.^
Few art stuffs. :3 )

Tomorrow - time to start catching up on the other things I haven't been keeping up/commenting on lately. *g*


Feb. 25th, 2010 08:41 pm
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So. Tired. *yawns* I also have rather a feeling of impending do0m at the moment. One of the not-so-pleasant parts of spending a lot of time with young children: those weeks when they all seem to be getting sick at the same time. Isn't it funny how the much greater their desire to cuddle tends to be when they're not feeling well? Also, the fact that they tend to not tell you that they're sick until they're sitting in your lap, breathing in your face. ;P

But! I shall enjoy my health while it lasts. *g* And speaking of health, tomorrow I will be starting a new at-home exercise program. Which means... I could definitely use prayers, and people yelling at me to make sure I stick with it even though I don't feel like it. I hate exercising. Really, really do. But I need to, karate alone isn't enough, and this looks both really good and really manageable. If I can just stick with it until it's a habit. Bleh. Please pray?

In other cheerfulness, I got a new dragon stuffed animal! Technically he's a Christmas present, but because of a problem with the company he just got here today. He is absolutely darling - don't have a picture of my own uploaded now, but he looks like this. :D (Speaking of uploading pictures, I've been meaning to take one of the little collection of general geekiness that I keep by my computer - it has been growing of late. *g*)

And - I have made another avatar. Hehe. We were watching the re-run of "Code of Conduct" on Tuesday, and that line of Ziva's just cracks me up. So I decided, hey, more practice! But then I had a terrible time finding good pictures. *pouts*


I will learn how to do this well. I will. Eventually. ;P

And now that I have had The New Computer for a week (oh yes, I am still so far from getting over the awesomeness of it all), I am trying to make a decision on a name. I'm inclined toward either Crissaegrim (Sticks with the theme of "complicated Tolkien names beginning with a C", and is the home of the very awesome eagles.), or one of the Elven Rings of Power. Probably Vilya or Narya. Mmmmm....

To mis-quote T.S. Eliot:

"The Naming of Computers is a difficult matter,
      It isn't just one of your holiday games"

*g* Yep, just picked up Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats from the library this afternoon, as [ profile] cirtholien suggested. You were right, mellon-nin - I am loving it. :D 
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Soo, karate promotions went considerably better than I'd expected, all things considered. Except for the fact that the toes on one of my feet were doing the whole random-going-numb thing again the whole time. Doesn't really help with balance and all. :P But! While I didn't get my next belt, I'm almost certain to next time (I was told I had just a couple of things to polish up, get the details perfect), and I did get another stripe. As I said - better than I'd been expecting, with the less than ideal circumstances this time.

And after testing had a very fun conversation with my favorite teacher, who commiserated with us on the fact that Eric his next belt, is therefore slightly ahead of us now, and will likely prove impossible to live with. *g* Found out she likes NCIS, and Dad gave her official permission to Gibbs-slap Eric whenever she pleases. 'Cause sometimes he needs it. ;) (He just... sometimes likes to press his luck a bit with the teachers we know well, hoping they'll be harder on him in consequence.Yeah, he's literally asking for it, and they know it.)

Speaking of NCIS... anyone else read this? *EPICsquee* Seriously, in all the speculation and discussion I've participated in over the 150th episode, it sounds like it may prove exactly, exactly the sort of storyline I'd been hoping for. Just - *flails in fannish glee* Okay, I now have major excitement, and even higher hopes for this episode. If only January 12th weren't so far away... *wistful sigh* Still slightly nervous over what the resolution will be like, but ooooh, I've a feeling this one's gonna be awesome.

Yay! :D
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Whether they're likely to make it to the full 50,000 by the end of the month or not, I have been just so impressed by what my friends who're working on NaNo have been accomplishing. *cheers y'all on* (Seriously, [ profile] cairistiona7, almost there already, and it's only the 18th?! *iz ded of awe*) This morning I was thinking about it, and you know what I realized?

My sister has been doing NaNo. By accident.

Yeah, really. Shortly after we went to a writing conference on Halloween, she was struck by inspiration, wrote a several-thousand-word fanfic, then started in on a longer related piece, and has been basically writing two or three thousand words every day. (And this is good stuff. I've been editing as she goes along, and she's just nailing what she wants to accomplish here.) It's not improbable that she will have the story finished by the end of the month, and if the final word count is over 50,000 (probable)... she will have done NaNo. Without trying to. Oh, not that writing this hasn't been work for her, but... srsly. o.o

Me, on the other hand? My nickname ought to be The Turtle, because even when I'm inspired I am slooow. *g* I shall be very lucky if my word count for the month makes it to 10,000. But at least I'm writing and having fun? And Teh Crossover of Epic Weirdness (aka "currently nameless NCIS/Temeraire story") is still going well? And I'm hoping to make it to at least 7,000 words by the end of the month? Aaaand, while doing research the other day to have a better basis for one of my ideas, I came across something else really cool that may make it even more fun. (Spiders, yay!) So I'm accomplished too, in my own small, strange way.



Nov. 16th, 2009 01:16 pm
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Wow, I'm posting a lot lately. But - has anyone else heard about this yet? The 150th episode of NCIS (should be airing sometime this January, from what I hear) is going to have Tony's father in it. Yeah. Seriously.

*cue insane squee-fit*

I have been saying for so long that it is ABOUT TIME for them to do something with that, and I just cannot wait. :D Of course, having as I do a deeply ingrained mistrust of TPTB when it comes to TV shows, my excitement is mixed with some nervousness as to what they may do with it (haven't found anywhere with any storyline details out yet, except that Tony's dad will be played by Robert Wagner), but certainly not enough to outweigh my utter glee at this news.



Nov. 12th, 2009 02:45 pm
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Okay, so I had an insanely cool dream last night. And now I so wish I could draw people, because I have this truly epic picture in my head which is so far beyond my ability to actually get it on paper that it's not even funny, and just - *flails*

And now, even worse, it has given me story ideas, which is definitely bad. I've been working along on my SGA story for the SNWCG challenge, but the thing is this could actually work for the challenge too (as a matter of fact, there are two different versions if it that could work), and when I started half-jokingly telling Nef about it she thought it was really, really awesome, and the more I talked about it... Except this is quite probably one of the most stupid, crazy crossover/AUs evar.


Seriously? Who does a crossover between NCIS and Temeraire? No one, that's who. Because it's, like, impossible.

Except, the more I think through the details, the more I think it would work, and the more reasonable possibilities and fewer difficulties I see. Which is totally the opposite of most AUs I think of.

Okay, I'm gonna go write this now before I chicken out.


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