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 Soooo, those book comments I was talking about are coming, I just got sick for like a week and a half and it basically killed my brain for a while there, so now that I'm back up and running I'm finishing it up. 

But I just have to say, totally late to the party, that I finally, finally got to see Wonder Woman today and oh my heart, I did not know I needed this movie but apparently I did. It was just so beautifully done and sincere and bright (and... also heartbreaking) and just. The whole tone of it was everything I like best in superhero movies and it makes me so happy. 

Saw the preview for Thor: Ragnarok before it, too - which looks very good - and my mom's comment was, "See, I like Thor. He's not just a pretty face." And I about died of giggles. So yeah, looking forward to that. 

(Also, wearing a Captain America shirt to a DC movie will get you Comments, but hey. My strong preference for Marvel movies these days has nothing to do with any Marvel vs DC feelings, just being so done with the bleak tone of recent DC movies. I have more than enough love in my heart for both, when they're done well.) 
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THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. I want to see it like a hundred times before it leaves theaters.

Holy cow. I LOVE EVERYONE. The people I already loved I love even more, which I didn’t think was possible. The people I anticipated liking I adored. The people I wasn’t so sure I would like were absolutely amazing. Why must you make me so happy and simultaneously break my heart into teeny pieces? ;_;

So yeah. There may be more specific flailings at some point once I’m coherent again. My only real gripe at this point’s the ending. Because WHAT. Seriously, how do you stop THERE?!

I was really scared I might be getting my hopes up too high for this movie and therefore bound for disappointment, but - yeah, not so much. *g*

I can has next Captain America movie for my birthday next week? XD

(Not sure how many of my LJ friends are Marvel fans, but felt the need to flail here as well as Tumblr. Because - !!!!!)
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Mmmkay, so apparently my brother is now "Pokey" - Loki's twin brother, the god of the obvious. He also gives very threatening hugs. 

Yeah, I don't actually know how that conversation devolved into this, but... there you are. 

(ETA: Okay, and Mom accidentally referred to Tony Stark as Tony Snark and Bruce Banner as "squishy". I'm just gonna go over to this corner and die of the giggles now...)
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And a lovely trip it was, too. Well, two trips, really. Wow, going to Nebraska feels like a really long time ago, now. But yeah, we had a good time with our grandma, and our... er, step-cousin, I guess she is? And various other step-relatives-in-law-whatever-you'd-call-them. Wasn't really a long visit, but fun.  

Neffie and I had quite the little "aww" moment when we got to the hotel - I started going through our suitcase to get stuff out and discovered... a toy mouse tucked down among the clothing. Our Ro-kitty has a tendency to sit forlornly inside suitcases and laptop cases whenever packing starts, as if he's hoping that one of these times he won't get forgotten at home. Apparently this time he felt we needed a little memento to bring along. <3

And the cabin was wonderful and relaxing, as always. Hard to believe that we've been going there for 21 years now.... A lot's changed over the years, but one thing hasn't: seems like every year, at least one thing has to break or otherwise Go Very Wrong. This year, we arrived to find that, among other things, the freezer was absolutely covered in nasty mold, the boat wasn't working, the stove wasn't working... and then the grill quit too. So things looked like being a bit of a potential disaster, possibly even one to rival the year when we were trying to clean the place without running water. But we got things sorted out in the end - except for the boat, but that was mostly okay anyway because there was much better fishing right off the dock than usual. So it was good. 

Among the things that did change were the friends and family that we visited, which was tough. One of the family friends we usually visit (who we've known since I was about three) did come to see us, but it may be the last time we see him for a long time because he and his new wife are moving to Florida. We didn't get to see my uncle at all, mostly because he just had cataract surgery and wasn't up for it. But the hardest was not seeing my great-aunt Helen, because she's almost certainly going to die any day now. And I just... will probably post something about that later, because right now I'm still in full-on avoidance mode and just trying not to think about it too much.

But. Happier note: it was a really good trip, and we had mostly great weather, and everyone had plenty of time to do whatever they wanted. So Nef and I swam almost every day, and she wrote a ton, and I read a ton, Mom scrapbooked and wrote, the guys golfed and fished, and we ate junk food and stayed up late and slept in, and all was good. *g*

We also went to see Avengers again while we were there! It was insanely hot on Saturday, the cabin doesn't have any kind of air conditioning (we're lucky to manage a few functioning fans), and we didn't feel like fighting with the Weekend Hordes for the lake (okay, it wasn't as busy as all that, but considering things are pretty much deserted during the week we'd rather do stuff when we had the place to ourselves). So we went to Avengers. And it was just as awesome the second time. \o/

Although I did notice one thing that's now driving me just slightly crazy. It was only on the second viewing that I realized that Hawkeye was shooting left-handed, which surprised me. At first I thought it might be an interesting and subtle way of showing another difference when he's being mind-controlled by Loki. But no, he shoots lefty afterward, during the final battle, as well. But... he shoots with his right hand in Thor. And I don't understaaaand, because if the actor is just left-eye dominant and/or more comfortable using his left hand, then why wouldn't he do it that way for both movies? But if it was a matter of conforming to the comics (no idea if comic-verse!Hawkeye is left- or right-handed)... then again, why not both movies? *flails* Okay, yes, Nef finds it hilarious that I'm bugged by this. But I think that I just need to watch the movie again, to see if the bow's design allows for ambidexterity. 


Anyhow! Now for my traditional commentary on the books I read while I was there!

Books! Also, new puppy picture. :D )

Oh, and on a final note... Um, I have committed Avengers fanfic. I didn't intend to. I really, really didn't. But then I just happened to stumble across a prompt that went and took my brain hostage. So I had to write it. XD Anyhow, if you care to read it, it's posted here on AO3.
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Oh. Oh. 

That was beautiful. Sweet and lovely and all the gorgeous clockwork, and the whole atmosphere of it, just... so much love.

And I adore the way that it took the analogy of the world as a giant machine, and each of us just a part in it, and through the whole feel of the movie successfully turned it from something cold and impersonal and presenting individuals as insignificant into something beautiful and creative and meaningful. 

This movie is my happy place. I am going to be watching it so many times.

Now I wish that I'd seen it in theaters. We'd talked about it... but never got to it. ;_;

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 Went to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader tonight. I have... mixed feelings.

The things they did well tended to be spot-on awesome. The things they did not were... Wait. Whut. Srsly? Unfortunately, the "not" instances kinda outnumbered the "spot-on."

Some of it I'd expected, and been entirely prepared for (the necessity of condensing/combining some incidents). Others... It was kinda like they just didn't get the idea of a sea story, the voyage tale, and got all confused, and therefore had to try to find some way to make it flow more like the previous stories. Problem is - you can't out-Lewis Lewis. And while I wouldn't  (quite) argue that his stories are absolutely perfect and cannot be improved upon in any way... that didn't really do it.
So yeah. That's not to say I hated the movie, really. As a fantasy movie, it was not too bad, if occasionally disjointed, and trite at moments. But as Chronicles of Narnia? Er... what? 

The first ten minutes and last ten minutes were pretty much absolutely perfect, though. Seriously, that ending almost made me cry. And Caspian was pretty awesome. And the interaction between him and Edmund turned out much more satisfying than what the last movie did with Peter and Caspian. And I really loved Lucy. And hey, much as it was totally wrong as far as the book goes... (SPOILER ALERT) can I really get all that upset about an epic sea monster/dragon battle? Well yes, I could. But I dunno. Considering all the other things they changed... I think I'll just enjoy getting to see that. /dragon obsession

[ profile] cirtholien - I'm afraid you're likely to rather hate it, overall. :/ But maybe you'll be able to enjoy it as a fantasy-that-has-nothing-whatsoever-to-do-with-a-certain-awesome-book-except-for-the-first-and-last-ten-minutes anyhow? It's like Narnia fanfiction! Heh.

At any rate, I think that's all I'll say for the moment. Both in an attempt to avoid total spoilerage, and 'cause I think Nef's gonna say more later. 
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Sitting around the dinner table, we randomly decided that this would be a good night to go see a movie. Even though half of us were in our pajamas already, and most of us are either sick, or getting there. (*raises hand* One of the sick ones, here. *ded*) Or maybe because of that. 

So we went to see Megamind. (We got dressed first.) 

I am going to buy this movie and watch it a hundred times and memorize the whole thing because it is MADE OF WIN. And awesome. Lots of awesome. From the trailers, I'd been expecting it to be pretty entertaining, but it turned out so much more fun than I'd expected. *flails* [ profile] cirtholien - if you haven't seen this one yet, you really need to, because you would absolutely love it. Srsly. 

Fortunately, there were only two other people in the whole theater, so we didn't feel a particular need to be quiet. I can not remember the last time I have laughed that hard at a movie. 

Soyeah. Good choice.
Yay, now I'm brain-ded and hyper! :D :D :D Perfect combination for getting things DONE. *runs off* 
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Watched Nim's Island tonight. Anyone else seen it? Wasn't really expecting much of it. And yep, it would have been pretty much what I expected: rather too cutesy, silly, with ridiculously anthropomorphic animals in a not-really-entertaining-enough way, basically, clean but... meh.

Yes, I did say would have been.


BWAHAHAHA! The writer! Just the conversations she had with her character made it So. Totally. Worth. It. Don't want to give away all the fun lines, but... When he gets all sarcastic, and starts giving her advice, trying to talk her into doing things, quoting her own writing at her... just priceless. "You can't do that! I created you! You - you - you HAVE to do what I say!"

Heee. So, not the greatest movie, but - yeah, if you're a writer, for that aspect alone... *giggles madly*

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So, we rented Kung Fu Panda to watch last night, which I've wanted to do for some time, because it looked like fun and, well... martial arts and all, y'know? *bg*

Randomness: movie and heroes and awesomeness and funny - and Mountain Dew! )
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We're at the hotel now. Havin' lots of fun, doing a bunch of shopping, watching movies, staying up late and sleeping in, letting the dog swim in Lake Superior, and all that. ;D The people at this hotel are wonderful. We were having a bit of trouble with a smell in our other room, but they were totally booked the last two nights. Because it wasn't a simple fix, and the fact that we've been regular customers makes us eligible for free upgrades, as soon as they were able to get one cleaned they gave us a really nice suite with a jacuzzi instead. And, since our guys are now gone and it's just us three not-so-strong women, in our various degrees of physical infirmity, and the hotel doesn't have an elevator, they were nice enough to even move everything for us. So, it's been great so far. :D

Hey, didja know that Leonard Nimoy was in an episode of Bonanza? He was working at a bar, and quite amusingly pathetic. Particularly after he found a woman who'd been killed: (in a weak, almost-wisper) "Help?" (then shouting) "Help! Somebody heeelp!" *giggles madly*

A geek? Who, me? *blinks innocently*

And a random question: What do websites y'all use to upload your art to share it online? Any recommendations for sites that work well? I've been using Geocities, but I'm growing increasingly frustrated with it. I've been doing a ton of drawing lately, and even have a bunch scanned in, sitting on my computer, but haven't had the time/patience to get them online. It's gotten to a point where I can usually save, at best, two or three pictures before it stops working, and I have to shut down all the windows for it and then bring everything back up again, which takes 5-10 minutes. :P It's partly because my internet's not been so great, but even when the internet's doing well - this is just getting too aggravating. Photobucket looks nice, so I've been considering switching to that...

So, 'm off to watch a movie. ;)
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So, this Friday we're headed up North for our annual trip. As usual, the guys will be camping in the BWCA, while we girls stay in a hotel, shop, watch movies, and explore the North Shore of Lake Superior. We used to go with them, but... well, we don't all fit in one canoe anymore, and Dad's the only one who's good enough at steering. ;P

So anyway... we usually use that time in part to watch "girl" movies - either movies that the guys could not bear to re-watch often (e.g. Pride and Prejudice) or ones which involve a little to much in the way of low-cut dresses and such for them to be comfortable watching. Obviously we have a number of stand-bys that we like to re-watch every so often (see Pride and Prejudice. Also X-Men. We're weird that way. *g*), but we also like to watch some new ones, obviously.

Now the trouble is... it looks like we might not be able to get the new ones I was planning on taking real soon, and I'm having some trouble thinking of others. So I was wondering - y'all have any recommendations? Doesn't have to be earth-shatteringly brilliant must-see stuff (lol, though that's welcome as well...), just a few fun, clean, worth-a-watch movies. :)

Any ideas?

Oh, and by the way - I likely won't be real noticeably out of contact. We're bringing laptops, we get internet connection there, and we're likely to be spending a reasonable amount of time just hanging around the hotel. ;)


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