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So, Nef's been a bit anxious about scheduling and everything she needs to get to today. As we walked the dog this morning, she was telling me about the dreams she had last night.

Nef: Yeah, we were just running around like crazy, trying to get everyone where they needed to be, and I had to drive the guys somewhere, but I never had the van when I needed it... It was so stressful. It was basically real life.

Me: Huh. I, uh, dreamed about Bucky trying to escape from Hydra, racing around in a building hiding in different rooms, trying to find a way out without getting caught.

Nef: ... Well. Apparently one of us is worried about something.
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Spent the better part of the last week on a writing retreat, and holy cow I was SO PRODUCTIVE. It was such a relief, because this summer was just awful for getting any writing done, and there were a couple parts of the book in particular that I just Could. Not. get past. Skipping those pivotal scenes wasn't workable for making any meaningful progress, because I needed the character development in them to get my head around where they'd be at in relating to each other, and I was starting to get that sinking "I am never going to write anything useful again" feeling. :P

But yes. I got a ton written, sorted out some really key stuff, and I am feeling so much better about where this book is headed. So happy about it right now.

And of course, when we were shopping for snacks for the week, Nef and I decided to get some gummie fruit snacks. Because we are adults and can do that instead of just vaguely pretending we don't envy kids who're eating them. And of course, because I am a very serious adult, I told her that if we were going to get them, it had to be these ones.

I mean, since I've been describing the book I'm working on as "Jurassic Park with Faeries," it's actually like... serious inspiration food, right? And it clearly worked. Plus, the tiny gummy raptors are adorable. So yeah.

And today I decided to celebrate all that productivity with an impulse buy. This:

Best double-sided cutting board ever. And, I mean, cooking is a serious, adult thing, right? So it was a totally practical and grownup thing to do.

Yep. I am adulting so hard over here. 
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So, over at [ profile] great_tales there's a variation of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" going around. (Details here - no donations to charities or actual dousing with water, just a bit of fun. Within 24 hours of being nominated, you need to post a fic or piece of art involving an ice bucket, set in any fandom you choose.) As [ profile] goldvermilion87 nominated me... here I am. :)

LOTR may not be the most obvious choice, but eh, it was the first thing that popped into my head. Also, it has a way of reigniting my enthusiasm for writing.

Ice Bucket Challenge fic! )
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My dad's work has been insanely stressful lately, for a number of reasons. Apparently now he's decided to deal with some of that stress through... random practical jokes.

For instance - an inter-office call came in on his phone. Instead of answering like a Serious, Professional Adult as he had been allllll day, he decided to mix things up a bit. The result:

*phone rings*
Dad: "Stark Tower, Tony speaking."
Caller: *long pause* "I... I think I have the wrong number." *hangs up*


And today he also decided to bring one of his duck calls in to work with him. Eric had been joking that he should bring one with him to practice with, but we didn't expect him to really do it.

Apparently that idea alone was a bit too boring for him, though, so instead, at the end of the day he walked into the nurses' office quietly so that they didn't hear him come in and... quacked. Loudly. He said he has never seen three people jump like that. *g* Then he informed them that, in honor of the opening of duck season, he will now announce when it's time to start their team meetings (which they're supposed to have every morning) with that call.

(Lest you get the wrong idea about him randomly ambushing coworkers... Yes, he does know these nurses quite well, and they thought it was hilarious. As soon as they recovered from the near-heart-attacks he gave them.)

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I wanted a Sherlock wallpaper for my computer, but couldn't seem to find anything with the sorts of quotes I wanted. So, naturally, I asked my super-talented sister to make me one. And she did. And it is lovely. :D

(This is a cropped, downsized part of it, for better viewing on LJ.)

Sadly, it appears that I may be headed for impending dual hard drive failure. The figurative kind - I seem to be coming down with the same thing Nef's had. And the more literal variety - after my brother completely wiped and re-installed everything on my computer and confirmed everything was free of viruses and shiny and running correctly, everything seemed to be going great for a while. Unnntil I had another crash, much weirder than the ones I'd had previously. It didn't just lose things that I'd saved immediately before the crash, or was working on at the time, but separate files that I'd saved to the desktop some time earlier completely disappeared as well - it was like the stupid thing had amnesia regarding everything that'd happened for 3-4 hours before that point. Scanning confirms still no viruses that could be causing weirdness, so... I dunno. I'd hoped to get this laptop to last another six months to a year, but... starting to really doubt that's gonna happen at this rate. 

Between one thing and another, I'm really starting to get that itch for new technology again. *g* I'm actually seriously contemplating getting an Apple laptop this time around, much to my own surprise. I got so aggravated with our Macs when I was younger - I thought for sure I'd never want to go back to them after I got my first Windows laptop. But seeing how shiny Nef's Mac desktop has been, and looking at a few of the laptops in the store... hmm. 

On a totally unrelated note, a question for my various friends who live in other states/countries (which would be, um, all of you, I guess XD). I've noticed a growing trend of people who leave "to be" out of their sentences when writing. That is, they would say, "It needs fixed." or "It needs changed." The first few times I noticed it, I figured it was just an odd typo. But I've been seeing it more and more, even from people whose writing is not otherwise riddled with errors, and it's just... odd. And has been kind of driving me crazy. So I'm wondering if you all have any ideas. Is t just a particularly common mistake? Laziness? Or could it be a regionalism that I'm not familiar with? ([ profile] scarvenartist, I think you mentioned a similar quirk in the way people talk where you are, but it seems to me that you said it was a bit different - i.e. that people would say "It needs wash." instead of just leaving out "to be." Or am I remembering that wrong?)


Dec. 13th, 2012 11:16 am
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I hate computers. Hate them, hate them, HATE THEM. I am severely tempted to just throw mine against the wall and have done with it.

On a less "done with life now, kthx" note... Midnight showing of The Hobbit tonight! We got tickets a while back, and were able to get them for a regular showing (I'd like to see the 3D at some point in theaters... but not the first time), so all set there.

I was originally thinking that I'd dress up, but then... Well, the elf costume that I wore for TTT and ROTK doesn't exactly fit me well anymore, and without the past-waist-length hair isn't nearly as effective anyway. And then we arranged for another family we know to come along with us - much more recent fans, who've never been to a midnight showing of a movie before - and seeing as they're not nearly such die-hard fans... certain family members persuaded me that it'd be better not to scare them off to badly. *g* So, planning on no dressing up.

But then, just the day before yesterday, the youngest member of ther family who'll be coming along (one of their boys, about - ten, I think?) informed me that he is definitely going to be in costume. Any excuse, apparently. Annnnd... he wanted Nef and me to dress up too, so he wouldn't be the only one. SO. Change of plans! Not sure if Nef'll be in costume (will depend on how she's feeling), but I'm gonna be going as a hobbit. 

If I get any good ones, I might put up pictures of my costume tomorrow. Not too bad, I think, for something improvised within a day and a half out of things I had lying around. ;D (Sadly, I think that going barefoot will be out of the question. In a Minnesota winter, with about a foot of snow on the ground... frostbite would not be a particularly fun conclusion to the evening. *sighs*)
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One of the things I've always enjoyed has been my brain's tendency to take whatever I've been reading or watching recently and mash it up into some really fun dreams. There was the Lord of the Rings/War of the Worlds crossover. The NCIS/Temeraire fusion. The LOTR/Star Wars mashup. (If you can imagine a city with architecture that blends Coruscant with Minas Tirith... it's gorgeous.) And the dream I had after seeing Inception was certainly fun. *g*

And then there was last night's dream: a combination of Berkeley Square (older BBC series, about some nannies in 1902), London Blackout Murders (movie made in the early 40s, about a guy who kills people during the London bombings), and... The Avengers. Yep. A truly bizarre and entertaining bit of randomness. 

Now why can't my brain be that creative and cooperative when I'm actually trying to write? There are so many things that I want to finish right now, but I just can not do plot. (For myself, that is. I've had plenty of ideas to help out with Nef's story woes.) Probably because my brain's going and flagrantly wasting all my creativity while I'm asleep. *sulks* And everyone wonders why I stay up so late... It's because I'm trying to ambush my brain and grab some of those ideas when it thinks I'm asleep, but I'm actually still awake enough to do something coherent with them. 

These things also make me wish that I was a better artist. Because I can still see all these awesome settings so clearly, but I just... can't... *flails* 

I am starting to figure out some techniques to improve my detail work and backgrounds, though. I was playing around with some new brushes in Photoshop the other day, and managed this little doodle:

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Right.So. Been working on those full sketches for Avenger!dragons. Ironically, Loki was the one who decided to be most cooperative when I was working on concept doodles, so, he gets to be first. I could poke at these things forever, but... I think I'm gonna call this one done now? 

(Click here for fullsize picture.)
I've been having a lot of trouble with the lightness setting for my computer lately, so... please do let me know if it looks super dark or super light to you. XP
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I may have mentioned once or twice my recurring frustration at being unable to manage decent fanart, because I Can. Not. draw people? And my tendency to deal with that frustration by... turning characters into dragons? 

Yeah. Have Dragon!Captain America and Dragon!Iron Man.

Kinda rough, and I ran out of paper space, but it was fuuuun. So fun I now want to do proper polished versions. And the rest of the team. And maybe Fury and Coulson too, because I'm a dork like that.  


Dec. 8th, 2011 11:30 pm
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Soyeah. I'm sick. :/ Not great timing in the middle of holiday baking and all, but then... there's rarely a really good time to get sick. Ah well...

I have also discovered that, much as I love Mozzie as a character, I hate writing from his POV. Even if it is the best one for this story. It intimidates me, and it's been slowing the pace of my writing down to even more of a crawl than usual, because I can not figure out if I'm getting it right. *sigh* But y'know what? I have discovered an awesome writing exercise for those times when I just can't seem to get past that tendency to over-think and second-guess and just sit down and write. Brainstorm with a couple of six-year-olds. Seriously. If that doesn't loosen you up and get the creativity flowing... XD

Yeah, had a great time with the kids Nef and I watch every Thursday. The younger girl had a friend over, and they wanted to write. A retelling of the Nativity story, to be precise. As it turned out, a truly unique version, in which the angel, after announcing Jesus' birth, then conspires with the innkeeper to kidnap him. Fortunately, Superchicken and his sidekick the sheepdog were there to save the day! And there was great rejoicing. Yes, I nearly died of the giggles. It was hysterical. 

Anyhow, being sick sometimes has a tendency to inspire odd fits of creativity in me, even when I'm all but brain-dead (eh, dulling of inhibitions, probably, 'cause I'm too tired to overthink?), so I'm actually feeling rather hopeful now for the possibility of pushing through and finishing this thing in the near future. (The White Collar story, that is, not the girls' Nativity retelling. XD I want to fiiinish this so I can actually focus on the long one Neffie and I are coauthoring!) 

And on that note... a few random fun mostly-vaguely-WC-related things that I've been saving up, meaning to share but never quite getting around to it.

News articles and... other stuff. )


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