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 Hmm, so, at the moment I'm locked out of the house. Mom doesn't have a key. Eric doesn't have a key. Garage door opener isn't working. The spare key... got locked in the pole barn. Every window and door to the house is locked. Every window is triple-pane and not only hard to break but super, super expensive to replace. Waiting for dad to get home? Well, he doesn't have a house key with him either, because he always comes in through the garage. And if Eric's correct about what's wrong... chances are his garage door opener's not going to be working any more than ours is. Oh yeah, and the neighbors who had keys while we were on vacation - just gave them back. 

The local police (who are wonderful and nice) gave us the number for a nearby locksmith, but... the locksmith says all of our locks are impossible to pick, and the tools he'd need to get in aren't even available yet. Well. Um. Good to know our house wouldn't be easy to break into? 

LOL, and here Nef and I were just talking last night about writing yourself into a corner, and all the complications involved in such "impossible" situations. I think we've just kinda done the real life equivalent. XD

Aha! Just got a call. Apparently the locksmith has a buddy who had an idea - or something. Any rate, we're back in. 

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, sitting on the back porch getting chirped at by hummingbirds. (I had never heard that before. I mean, I suppose they would make some sounds, but - o.O SO cute.) At least it's nicer outside than it has been, and not too humid. Fortunate for me that I happened to bring my laptop along, so I was able to get some editing and stuff done while I waited. *g* 

And thus ends my random little drama. Except, of course, that now we need to fix that lock. Hmm.

Spare keys: I need 'em.
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Guess what! I'm a red-with-brown belt in karate now! *so bouncy* Nef wasn't feeling real well, so she didn't test this time, which is sad... but she's not particularly bothered, because now Eric and I both have to do harder stuff in class than she does. XD

As far as other stuff going on...

Made squirrel for dinner the other day. The guys have been shooting them lately, and decided that we really ought to try eating them. Eh... not something I think I'd do again. Not that it tasted bad - in fact, it was quite good - but, well.

You must realize, I am not particularly squeamish when it comes to meat - either the preparing, or the eating. I've tried some pretty odd things, just for the sake of having eaten it at least once. I frequently deal with various kinds of meat in the kitchen, of course, and I have helped butcher a deer, I clean fish (and bait my own hooks, take the fish off the hooks, and cook them, naturally, started learning all that when I was about five), and none of these things bother me. I also favor the idea that if you're going to kill an animal, it's good to eat it when possible rather than wasting it.

I don't know, maybe it's the fact that they were squirrels. Squirrels are cute. I like them. (Deer are beautiful, and I like them too, but squirrels are cute and little. I rather lost my appetite for that reason eating quail, even though I liked it - all I could picture was my parakeet... :P) Squirrels are also pests, yes, and these were trouble-makers that needed to be got rid of. Still.

Might've also been the fact that, while I was preparing them, I was extremely hungry. That, combined with spending so much time trying to get the fur off the meat, and then the smell of it cooking - just enough "normal food, and yet... not" - was enough to make me start feeling sick. Somehow, the smell of that meat, just...

Might've also had something to do with the fact that my brother tends to process things by talking. A lot. And therefore felt the need to go over the killing and gutting process in great detail, regardless of whether we might be eating at the time (difference in appearance between blood and brain matter on snow, versus ground, smells involved... yeah, maybe interesting for writing research purposes, but now?).

The fact that my piece of meat still had some pieces of hair on it might also have contributed. I maintain that Eric was the one who cleaned that one. :P

So yeah. Not real interested in trying squirrel again. I'm glad I did once... sort of. But if Dad and Eric want to do it again, I think the meat's gonna be done with barbecue sauce for a guys-only night. Heh.

On a completely different track - yay, such pretty new eggs out at dragon cave! And for the first time, I actually knew from the start what two of them were going to be. *has so much insider knowledge* He, yeah, or not - but I was following their progress and they were finished quite recently - which gives me hope that it may not be so very long before one of my concepts has a chance of making it. ^.^ So -

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

And along those lines...

Bit of an art update. )
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Snowed almost all day. The internet kept cutting out. Worked on lots of editing. Dad and Eric accidentally lit the dryer on fire. Then they went out to cut down a dead tree. It fell the opposite direction from what they'd been expecting, and got caught on two other trees. So they cut those trees down too. Except they got caught on another tree...

You know. That kind of ordinary mid-October day.

I'm gonna go make some hot chocolate and get someone to light me a fire. In the fireplace. :)

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Well... erm, seems whenever I post around here lately, it's to apologize for my general absence 'round here. So I'm not going to. Apologize, that is. ;P So. Moving right along...

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Hehe. Actually, I still has a happy. ;D 

Life 'n fanishness 'n stuff.  )
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Nope, haven't fallen off the edge of the earth - just a tad busy. Editing latest issue of teh magazine, Mom and Dad have been gone a few days celebrating their 25th anniversary, busy time for Eric's golf tournaments, and getting ready for Grandma coming in - eep, 'bout two weeks! Also, trying to write, but not succeeding very well. *pokes stories*

Not doing bad, though. We're thoroughly enjoying having a dock on the lake. Yay, lots of fishing! And we've got a whole bunch of torches to light the dock and path down by the lake. Going out there at night, through a yard just full of fireflies, to a lake lit up by flames and the moon, with so many bright stars in the sky... It's just so magical, I can still hardly believe we actually live here. :D

Hehe, and we now have a turtle living in the lake that'll come when called and eat out of our hands. Add one more to our Home for Confused Animals! XD It's so cuuute... Now we just need a name for it. I'm thinkin' maybe Fischel.... *g*

ETA: o.o While I am still enjoying the BBC Robin Hood TV series, there is one thing I will say. I would not recommend the series finale. Seriously. That is positively the most idiotic end to a Robin Hood story I have ever seen or heard of. I'm sorry, that is just not poetic or dramatic - that's stupid. Sometimes, I hate TV series writers. *goes off grumbling*

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So, the other night we were watching NCIS. Crime show, about navy cops, very definitely set in the real world. In the intro, it shows one of the characters looking into an iris scanner. What does Mom ask?

"Why are there lasers coming out of his eyes?"

*huge grin*

Yep, we have done well - the sci-fi mindset is now thoroughly entrenched. Believe me, considering our mom's very low interest in such things, it took some doing, too. ;D

In other news... Karate promotions were last night! Not too bad, considering the far-more-than-expected chunk of time we wound up taking off over Christmas/New Year's etc. due to some big snowstorms. And I'm a blue belt now! *bounces* Which means this is my eighth belt, with six more to go before black belt. That's... kinda hard to believe. Huh.

Bit of excitement this morning. It's garbage day, and some idiot vandal decided to go down our street and knock over and/or break all the garbage bins on our street. People. *sighs* Ours is totally useless now, so we're gonna have to get a new one. Still working out with the garbage company who's paying for what, and we had to have the police out here to take a look at things and make a report. Policeman was really nice and helpful, said in thirty years he's never seen anything quite like this around here. LOL, took him a while to get here, though, because turning a corner his car slid on the ice and went partway into the ditch. Ah, winter...

Anywho, back to work for me! Hehe, I think I may actually be a little ahead of schedule at the moment... because I sort of freaked out just a little yesterday, feeling like I was getting behind. Ahem. So yay! But now I have to contact tech support for my antivirus today, because I'm getting stupid errors over an important update. So, don't know how big a chunk of the day that's gonna take up. Bleh. 
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So, we were driving into town the other day, and came to a T intersection. At that intersection, naturally, there is a road sign with an arrow pointing in each direction. You know, the kind that looks rather like this: [ <---> ] Someone had written on that sign. Now normally I don't approve of graffiti, but I had to smile at this one. Under the right arrow, they'd written the name of the nearby small town. On the left, they'd simply written, "Boonies". Guess which side we live on? Yep, we be country folk now. ;D

We've had a few animal-related happenings of late...


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