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I have a new laptop. \o/ I hadn't expected to get one for about another month, planned to spend a bit more time considering options and making up my mind. But, Friday night I discovered that there was a big sale on computers, which ended Saturday night. And that sale included Macs. If I decided to go with a Mac, I hadn't even intended to bother looking or waiting around for a discount, because they're pretty much notorious for never going on sale. 

I knew I was going to have to make up my mind within 24 hours if I wanted to take advantage of any of the discounts, but I am not usually that decisive, even about comparatively minor purchases. XD My awesome tech-savvy brother went over a ton of information with me, though, and helped me sort through what the different things meant and which aspects were most likely to be important to me. In the end, I decided to go ahead and get a Macbook Pro, and got about $200 in discounts - not exactly something to sneeze at! 

So now I'm pretty much reveling in the shiiiiiiiny new tech. It is So. Fun. to have a fast, nicely-functioning computer after getting so aggravated with my old one. :D It's taking me longer than usual to get files transferred and things set up, with it being a different OS, and needing to switch formats and programs for some things. There's also a whole lot of new stuff to learn, given that I haven't really worked on a Mac in about 12 years, and what I haven't forgotten has changed since then. I don't know, maybe it's weird, but - I know a lot of people like the process of moving to a new computer to be as seamless as possible, and get aggravated by major changes, especially when new aspects aren't intuitive. I tend to feel the same abou programs, ut when it comes to computers themselves I actually consider the learning curve an added bonus because it makes everything feel that much more new and fun. I'm enjoying playing around and figuring out how things work and what it can do differently. Though I suspect it's going to take me a while to remember the new keyboard shortcuts and stop hitting the wrong buttons. *g*

And now I need to decide on a name for her. I say "her" because, although other computers often seem more neutral or male to me, Mac laptops, particularly, strike me as female. (I'm a weirdo, okay?) I think I'll probably try to stick with what has become a tradition for me: Tolkien-related names beginning with "C." My first laptop was Chrysophylax (after the dragon fro Farmer Giles of Ham, which will only behave and tell the truth if he's being threatened with an enchanted sword). The second was Caudimordax (the name of, well, the enchanted sword from the same story). The third was Crissaegrim (the mountain where the eagles who guarded Gondolin lived). 

My current list of name ideas?

Cordof - Sindarin word for apple. It amuses me. 
Cuivienen - The place where the elves first awoke.
Celebrimbor - Means "hand of silver"/"silver fist" - the name of the elf who forged the rings of power.
Celebrindal - Means "Silverfoot" - another name for Idril, Earendil's mother, who liked to go everywhere barefoot. Which makes me smile, because I hate wearing shoes myself. 

Any votes/opinions/alternate suggestions? ^^

(BTW, if there are odd typos? It's probably because LJ is eating characters in posts seemingly at random, especially around any kind of formatting. No idea why. Anyone else having that problem? I know the same's been happening to Nef...)
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I wanted a Sherlock wallpaper for my computer, but couldn't seem to find anything with the sorts of quotes I wanted. So, naturally, I asked my super-talented sister to make me one. And she did. And it is lovely. :D

(This is a cropped, downsized part of it, for better viewing on LJ.)

Sadly, it appears that I may be headed for impending dual hard drive failure. The figurative kind - I seem to be coming down with the same thing Nef's had. And the more literal variety - after my brother completely wiped and re-installed everything on my computer and confirmed everything was free of viruses and shiny and running correctly, everything seemed to be going great for a while. Unnntil I had another crash, much weirder than the ones I'd had previously. It didn't just lose things that I'd saved immediately before the crash, or was working on at the time, but separate files that I'd saved to the desktop some time earlier completely disappeared as well - it was like the stupid thing had amnesia regarding everything that'd happened for 3-4 hours before that point. Scanning confirms still no viruses that could be causing weirdness, so... I dunno. I'd hoped to get this laptop to last another six months to a year, but... starting to really doubt that's gonna happen at this rate. 

Between one thing and another, I'm really starting to get that itch for new technology again. *g* I'm actually seriously contemplating getting an Apple laptop this time around, much to my own surprise. I got so aggravated with our Macs when I was younger - I thought for sure I'd never want to go back to them after I got my first Windows laptop. But seeing how shiny Nef's Mac desktop has been, and looking at a few of the laptops in the store... hmm. 

On a totally unrelated note, a question for my various friends who live in other states/countries (which would be, um, all of you, I guess XD). I've noticed a growing trend of people who leave "to be" out of their sentences when writing. That is, they would say, "It needs fixed." or "It needs changed." The first few times I noticed it, I figured it was just an odd typo. But I've been seeing it more and more, even from people whose writing is not otherwise riddled with errors, and it's just... odd. And has been kind of driving me crazy. So I'm wondering if you all have any ideas. Is t just a particularly common mistake? Laziness? Or could it be a regionalism that I'm not familiar with? ([ profile] scarvenartist, I think you mentioned a similar quirk in the way people talk where you are, but it seems to me that you said it was a bit different - i.e. that people would say "It needs wash." instead of just leaving out "to be." Or am I remembering that wrong?)
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Yeah, I've gotten pretty behind on replying to emails. And posts. And comments. And stories...

Kinda been one of those weeks. Several coinciding deadlines combined rather poorly with a whole bunch of issues that kept turning wha should ave been ten-minute projects into an hours-long exercise in frustration. All kinds of different things, but perhaps the most consistent has been, naturally, computers. :P

Apparently I can't even post a simple update on Twitter or Facebook without idiculous time-consuming issues. Which wouldn't be a problem, because for my own part? I could happily go on indefinitely pretending neither one exists. But apparently promoting a business, particularly an online-based one, without using social media = essentially impossible these days. It's not just my computer, because I still have problems when I borrow someone else's. It's not that I'm stupid (eh, not mostly that, at least), or incapable of working with tech. Sadly, my love affair with computers is just... entirely unrequited. I can be banging my head against the desk, struggling and struggling to get a site to cooperate - then someone else'll come up, do exactly the same thing I've been doing, and poof, it suddenly decides to work and they can't figure out why I was making such a big deal out of it. I get bizarre error messages and problems that my brother hasn't even heard of before. I get problems with programs that result in tech support needing to go back to the developers. And then there are the more regular... issues.

Yeah, the little explosion of computer hate last week? That's nothing compared t this week's gift of a about a dozen freeze-ups in a single morning. Every time I'd get it restarted and just begin getting back into things, it'd freeze right up again. I kinda figured that, once I had all my projects sent out, I could finally relax and just breeze through replying to everything else. But nope. My computer's been a bit slow and such for a while, but Eric thinks the most recent spaz-attack may be the result of a virus picked up through one of the manuscripts a client sent me (which was giving me problems earlier). Between one thing and another, he decided I'm gonna need to do a complete reinstall of the OS.

So... a whole day of attempting to get everything backed up and in order to do that. I had emergency backups of everything, of course, but not in a format that'd work well for this, because they were all either not exhaustive enough, or in a format that'd just bring back a lot of the junk a fresh install's looking to get rid of. Of course, the fact that I needed to keep restarting turned that into quite a project.  

Probably gonna be at least another day or two before I'm really up and running again. (Borrowing Eric's netbook for now.) Trying to work on my iPod temporarily has proven challenging, because... that as suddenly started malfunctioning as well, and Safari keeps freezing or crashing. *sigh* And here I thought Macs were supposed to be immune to that sort of thing. Not in my hands, apparently. XD  But... at least the computer should be fixable. I hope.



Dec. 13th, 2012 11:16 am
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I hate computers. Hate them, hate them, HATE THEM. I am severely tempted to just throw mine against the wall and have done with it.

On a less "done with life now, kthx" note... Midnight showing of The Hobbit tonight! We got tickets a while back, and were able to get them for a regular showing (I'd like to see the 3D at some point in theaters... but not the first time), so all set there.

I was originally thinking that I'd dress up, but then... Well, the elf costume that I wore for TTT and ROTK doesn't exactly fit me well anymore, and without the past-waist-length hair isn't nearly as effective anyway. And then we arranged for another family we know to come along with us - much more recent fans, who've never been to a midnight showing of a movie before - and seeing as they're not nearly such die-hard fans... certain family members persuaded me that it'd be better not to scare them off to badly. *g* So, planning on no dressing up.

But then, just the day before yesterday, the youngest member of ther family who'll be coming along (one of their boys, about - ten, I think?) informed me that he is definitely going to be in costume. Any excuse, apparently. Annnnd... he wanted Nef and me to dress up too, so he wouldn't be the only one. SO. Change of plans! Not sure if Nef'll be in costume (will depend on how she's feeling), but I'm gonna be going as a hobbit. 

If I get any good ones, I might put up pictures of my costume tomorrow. Not too bad, I think, for something improvised within a day and a half out of things I had lying around. ;D (Sadly, I think that going barefoot will be out of the question. In a Minnesota winter, with about a foot of snow on the ground... frostbite would not be a particularly fun conclusion to the evening. *sighs*)


Apr. 3rd, 2010 09:04 pm
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I have a computer again! *hugs it* They never did figure out just what the problem was, and finally had to just wipe it completely, so, I'm basically back to where I was two months ago with it. Wah. Pretty much spent today on trying to put things back together, and it'll probably be another day or two or work before I'm done.   

Unfortunately, by now my brother's deleted pretty much everything I had on my old laptop. Fortunately, I tend to back things up obsessively. Unfortunately... I still lost stuff, partly due to a really strange glitch, partly due to me being stupid. Not sure how much is irretrievable yet. "Weird glitch" stuff so far doesn't seem to be anything especially important, and I probably have most of it elsewhere, if I can find it... but I still have to figure out what all's gone. The "me being stupid" stuff - that'd be mainly my most recent internet bookmarks. Heh, not really sure how important they were, because, well, I tend to use them to remind me to do things. And I can only remember one of them now. So yeah. :P

But - I am very thankful indeed to finally be able to get back to normal life and accomplish things. ^.^ In celebration of that - and of the fact that I have just got the latest issue of the magazine finished and safely sent off in the mail, here is some editing-related amusement for your enjoyment. (Or not. *g*)

Editing? What's that? )

Anyhow - I'm very happy indeed to be back! I've miiissed my friends. *hugs all around*

Happy Easter, everyone!

I liiiive.

Mar. 27th, 2010 03:22 pm
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Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.

You might have noticed that I’ve essentially disappeared off the face of the internets this last two weeks. Nope, it’s not ‘cause I died and Nef forgot to tell you. Just… another phase in the ongoing war that electronics have declared on me.

Uninstalling the trial antivirus that came with my computer and installing the new one… did not go well. By “not well” I mean Mom couldn’t figure out the problem, Eric couldn’t figure out the problem, there was no help for the problem online, tech support for the antivirus company said they had never seen or heard of something like this happening, and had to pass the problem along to the programmers who wrote the antivirus program… and now, two weeks later, it’s still not figured out. (And no, it wasn’t some weird mistake I made in installing.) My genius brother has, however, managed to cobble together something temporary for over the weekend while they're not working on it – since tech support, of course, is closed. It’s not so secure, and I need to be careful, but at least I can catch up on a few things.

So, for the last couple weeks no antivirus has equaled no internet for me, aside from borrowing others’ computers from time to time to check e-mail to make sure there weren’t any emergencies. I know I’ve probably missed quite a bit around here (such as your birthday, Tinu – I’m sorry, and a very belated “happy birthday” to you!), and it’ll probably still be a while before I can really get back to things. I hope you’re all well!

At any rate, Crissaegrim has otherwise still been perfectly behaved, and I have refused to allow this to make me unproductive, and so have still Accomplished Things, just a few of which are:
Stuff I've been doing. *g* )


Feb. 25th, 2010 08:41 pm
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So. Tired. *yawns* I also have rather a feeling of impending do0m at the moment. One of the not-so-pleasant parts of spending a lot of time with young children: those weeks when they all seem to be getting sick at the same time. Isn't it funny how the much greater their desire to cuddle tends to be when they're not feeling well? Also, the fact that they tend to not tell you that they're sick until they're sitting in your lap, breathing in your face. ;P

But! I shall enjoy my health while it lasts. *g* And speaking of health, tomorrow I will be starting a new at-home exercise program. Which means... I could definitely use prayers, and people yelling at me to make sure I stick with it even though I don't feel like it. I hate exercising. Really, really do. But I need to, karate alone isn't enough, and this looks both really good and really manageable. If I can just stick with it until it's a habit. Bleh. Please pray?

In other cheerfulness, I got a new dragon stuffed animal! Technically he's a Christmas present, but because of a problem with the company he just got here today. He is absolutely darling - don't have a picture of my own uploaded now, but he looks like this. :D (Speaking of uploading pictures, I've been meaning to take one of the little collection of general geekiness that I keep by my computer - it has been growing of late. *g*)

And - I have made another avatar. Hehe. We were watching the re-run of "Code of Conduct" on Tuesday, and that line of Ziva's just cracks me up. So I decided, hey, more practice! But then I had a terrible time finding good pictures. *pouts*


I will learn how to do this well. I will. Eventually. ;P

And now that I have had The New Computer for a week (oh yes, I am still so far from getting over the awesomeness of it all), I am trying to make a decision on a name. I'm inclined toward either Crissaegrim (Sticks with the theme of "complicated Tolkien names beginning with a C", and is the home of the very awesome eagles.), or one of the Elven Rings of Power. Probably Vilya or Narya. Mmmmm....

To mis-quote T.S. Eliot:

"The Naming of Computers is a difficult matter,
      It isn't just one of your holiday games"

*g* Yep, just picked up Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats from the library this afternoon, as [ profile] cirtholien suggested. You were right, mellon-nin - I am loving it. :D 


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