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So, Nef's been a bit anxious about scheduling and everything she needs to get to today. As we walked the dog this morning, she was telling me about the dreams she had last night.

Nef: Yeah, we were just running around like crazy, trying to get everyone where they needed to be, and I had to drive the guys somewhere, but I never had the van when I needed it... It was so stressful. It was basically real life.

Me: Huh. I, uh, dreamed about Bucky trying to escape from Hydra, racing around in a building hiding in different rooms, trying to find a way out without getting caught.

Nef: ... Well. Apparently one of us is worried about something.
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Spent the better part of the last week on a writing retreat, and holy cow I was SO PRODUCTIVE. It was such a relief, because this summer was just awful for getting any writing done, and there were a couple parts of the book in particular that I just Could. Not. get past. Skipping those pivotal scenes wasn't workable for making any meaningful progress, because I needed the character development in them to get my head around where they'd be at in relating to each other, and I was starting to get that sinking "I am never going to write anything useful again" feeling. :P

But yes. I got a ton written, sorted out some really key stuff, and I am feeling so much better about where this book is headed. So happy about it right now.

And of course, when we were shopping for snacks for the week, Nef and I decided to get some gummie fruit snacks. Because we are adults and can do that instead of just vaguely pretending we don't envy kids who're eating them. And of course, because I am a very serious adult, I told her that if we were going to get them, it had to be these ones.

I mean, since I've been describing the book I'm working on as "Jurassic Park with Faeries," it's actually like... serious inspiration food, right? And it clearly worked. Plus, the tiny gummy raptors are adorable. So yeah.

And today I decided to celebrate all that productivity with an impulse buy. This:

Best double-sided cutting board ever. And, I mean, cooking is a serious, adult thing, right? So it was a totally practical and grownup thing to do.

Yep. I am adulting so hard over here. 
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Okay, so yesterday [ profile] cairistiona7 was nice enough to give me some tips on photo editing and point me toward, so I've been playing around to see what I can do with a few more of my photos from the zoo trip last week.
Cut for pics! )

Also - happy Independence Day to all my American friends!

And happy birthday to Steve Rogers! \o/
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I keep thinking I'm going to write up a long happy post, but then it keeps winding up as incoherent flailing instead.

But seriously, I loved it so much. And on second viewing I was happier than before as far as plot cohesion, order of events, just how satisfying it was in general. And the characters... I am so, so impressed at the way it did have such intense disagreements between the characters, and yet left me feeling like I really understood and could sympathise with the motivation on both sides and still loved all the characters, despite good, bad, and emotionally misguided choices on all sides.

Team Cap all the way, though. As much as - if not more than - ever. :D

Also, I am very curious as to what the future has to hold for both Rosses. And also for Zemo... As my dad pointed out after seeing it today, Zemo's final remark, questioning whether he'd really failed, is interpreted on the surface as his having succeeded because he drove the Avengers apart. Buuut... Have we really seen the last of the other winter soldiers? Or is it just possible that he's not done and he's still got some kind of plan in the works? Hmm.

(I tell you, though, I will be SO MAD if they conveniently leave Bucky in stasis for the next Avengers movie instead of actually moving ahead with his plotline so we can see some more resolution there.)


May. 18th, 2016 05:53 pm
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I am dead. I have died and now I am dead. The end.

(Okay, not the end. 1: How can a movie be that heartbreaking and that hilarious? 2: I LOVE EVERYONE. 3: I how can a movie be so satisfying, and so completely unsatisfying? ​Really, really liked it, though. I'm gonna have to see it again to process everything. More coherent thoughts to follow later.) 
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Soooo... A Hobby Lobby just opened up in town. This is a thing which we have never had before, and I have therefore only occasionally seen them when I'm on vacation.

As it turns out, this is the one store in which I have Absolutely No Impulse Control. They were also, in celebration of their grand opening, having a bunch of cool sales. Including 50% off such things as... this.


Apologies for the largish picture, but IS IT NOT BEAUTIFUL?

Okay, I'll cut for the other pics now, which were the actual reason I went to Hobby Lobby in the first place.

Pretty fossils! Also: Does Cami actually have any impulse control? The answer may surprise you! )

Yes, I am a total dork, I am aware. But hey, at least I'm a happy one?
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THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. I want to see it like a hundred times before it leaves theaters.

Holy cow. I LOVE EVERYONE. The people I already loved I love even more, which I didn’t think was possible. The people I anticipated liking I adored. The people I wasn’t so sure I would like were absolutely amazing. Why must you make me so happy and simultaneously break my heart into teeny pieces? ;_;

So yeah. There may be more specific flailings at some point once I’m coherent again. My only real gripe at this point’s the ending. Because WHAT. Seriously, how do you stop THERE?!

I was really scared I might be getting my hopes up too high for this movie and therefore bound for disappointment, but - yeah, not so much. *g*

I can has next Captain America movie for my birthday next week? XD

(Not sure how many of my LJ friends are Marvel fans, but felt the need to flail here as well as Tumblr. Because - !!!!!)
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My dad's work has been insanely stressful lately, for a number of reasons. Apparently now he's decided to deal with some of that stress through... random practical jokes.

For instance - an inter-office call came in on his phone. Instead of answering like a Serious, Professional Adult as he had been allllll day, he decided to mix things up a bit. The result:

*phone rings*
Dad: "Stark Tower, Tony speaking."
Caller: *long pause* "I... I think I have the wrong number." *hangs up*


And today he also decided to bring one of his duck calls in to work with him. Eric had been joking that he should bring one with him to practice with, but we didn't expect him to really do it.

Apparently that idea alone was a bit too boring for him, though, so instead, at the end of the day he walked into the nurses' office quietly so that they didn't hear him come in and... quacked. Loudly. He said he has never seen three people jump like that. *g* Then he informed them that, in honor of the opening of duck season, he will now announce when it's time to start their team meetings (which they're supposed to have every morning) with that call.

(Lest you get the wrong idea about him randomly ambushing coworkers... Yes, he does know these nurses quite well, and they thought it was hilarious. As soon as they recovered from the near-heart-attacks he gave them.)

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Do you like The Avengers? Do you miss having the llama song stuck in your head? Yes? Then this GIF is for you. You're welcome.

(If you don't remember the original llama song, or haven't heard it, be sure to google it before clicking the cut. It won't make any sense otherwise. Not that the llama song makes any sense to begin with, but. Anyhow.)
Why yessss, I am now walking around mumbling this to myself. )
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I have finished another Avenger!dragon. :3

Dragon!Fury under the cut. )

Also, somewhat belated, but - happy birthday, [ profile] cairistiona7! I hope it was a really great one. *hugs*
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I had thought that Captain had gotten completely over his fear of vacuum cleaners since now, instead of fleeing at sight or sound of them, he tends to stick close to me and try to play with them while I'm using them. Kind of adorable, if occasionally inconvenient. *g* Today, however, I was watching his reactions more closely and realized that - no, it actually is still a Bit Noisy Monster that makes him nervous. It's just that, now that he's a tough, almost-grown-up dog instead of a little puppy... I'm pretty sure he thinks I need his help to wrestle it into submission.

Yep. Vacuuming is no longer a routine chore. Now, it's an Epic Battle which, with the assistance of my Faithful Canine Companion, I wage up and down every floor in the house, until the strange monsters can once more be thrown back into the Depths of the Closet where they belong.  

Of course, the reason for the particularly thorough cleaning today... Thanksgiving tomorrow! It looks like we're going to have not just our ex-brother-in-law, but our niece and nephew as well, which is two more people than we'd expected would come for a while, there, so. Yay! :D 

More stuff here! Including a baby Agent Coulson dragon. )
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Forgot to post this here earlier! Got the baby version of the Black Widow dragon finished. ^^ 

(Big version's here.)

And... yeah, that's about it. Too tired to have anything particularly interesting to say, I guess. XP

Man, though, I seriously need to get more writing done. I keep getting frustrated with my current stories because I'm so stupidly slooooow. Wish I had the talent for occasionally knocking out just a short, fun one-shot. :/
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Dragon version of Coulson is done!

Pics under here! )
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Got the baby version of the Thor dragon done! LOL, Mjolnir looks kind of ridiculously big on his tail, but... I dunno, it seemed to work. 

(Big version's here.)

I think the next adult one done may be Coulson. Or maybe the polished version of Captain America. Or Fury. XD But I have some ideas for Coulson, so it'll probably be him. 

And a bit of an update on the Cap-puppy, because I can't resist the urge to post a picture. *g*

Ramblings about Captain )
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I've finished the Black Widow dragon! :D Couldn't quite work out the pose I wanted, but I'm happy with the overall design. 

'S kind of long, so I'll put it under a cut, here...

Natasha! )
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Art projects got a bit delayed between 1. Intensive puppy training. and 2. Weird problems with my tablet. Thought I was going to have to get a new one for a while there (Um, tablet, not puppy. XD), but between my brother's troubleshooting and reinstalling software a few times it seems to be up and running again. \o/

So, I've had a few partially finished ones in progress here, and just got this baby version of the Hawkeye one done tonight:

(Bigger version here.) 
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Yay, finally got the Thor dragon done! And I figured out how to do lightning! Sort of... I need more practice. XD But hey, it didn't turn out as badly as I'd feared it was going to, so. ^^

(Big version is here.)

I think either Black Widow or Nick Fury will be up next... we shall see which sketch chooses to cooperate first. 
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I was thinking about doing this sometime after I did the adult Captain America dragon. Buuut... then I was having major anatomy problems with my Thor!dragon, and the babies are quick and easy, so I had to take a break and work on this one.

Baby Captain America dragon:

(Bigger version is here.)

And on an obviously totally unrelated note, have I mentioned that our new puppy's name is officially going to be Captain? 
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Wheeeew. This one was so much harder than the Loki dragon. XD 

Partly because I wanted to base it on movie-verse Hawkeye, but his outfits in Avengers don't provide so much in terms of instant recognizably. So... I ended up pulling in a bit of a nod to the comics version of his suit as well.

Also? I really, really wanted to find some way to make it distinctive enough without actually including the bow. Because it's not so logical without giving him much more human-like forefeet and shoulders. But I just couldn't make it look him enough without it. So... can we just pretend that jerry-rigged thing makes some kind of sense? /fail

(ETA: putting this behind a cut, 'cause it's long.)

Hawkeye dragon here! )
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I don't know, maybe there's no good explanation for this. But. Well.

Yesterday, I spent the morning in our church nursery, taking care of a bunch of darling toddlers and babies. Then, as [ profile] nefhiriel mentioned, we went to our breeder's house to see the puppies, and finally found out which one she's almost certain is going to be ours. And, just - puppies. *flails* So we stayed until the puppies all finally wore themselves out and fell asleep. And then, on the way home, we stopped to see Avengers again, because Neffie and I really wanted to see it once more in theaters but it's not showing anywhere near us, but there was a theater close to the breeder, and they had $3 tickets. And then we had pizza for dinner.

And apparently the happiness-overload did things to my brain.

I've been working on my other Avenger!dragons, and I thought that Hawkeye would be the next one finished. But then instead: 

This is what happens when Loki says, "Yeah? Well I'm gonna turn myself into a dragon, and then you'll all be sorry!" Only then the whole "big, scary, intimidating" part of that whole plan... doesn't quite work out as anticipated. On the plus side, it's still pretty effective, as defense mechanisms go.


(Slightly larger version here.)

Really, though, in fairness, wouldn't your brain melt into a puddle of gooey, fluffy happiness if you knew this little face was going to be coming home with you in a couple of weeks? ;D


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