Oct. 1st, 2016 04:12 pm
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Well, I've officially got whatever nasty cold Nef's been down with this week. Going to sparring anyway today was maybe not the smartest decision I've ever made, but since I knew it'd be a couple weeks until I could get to it again...

On the one hand, I did better than I expected. On the other, now I can't be sure if I'm sore and headachy because I'm sick or because I got repeatedly punched in the head and knocked down by a guy twice my size. (Still won the fight, though. And the instructor said I was turning into a superstar on them. So there's that. ^^)

As a more interesting diversion from being sick, though - a flying squirrel has moved into our attached garage/the walls of our house. I knew we had some living nearby, but we don't see much of them because they're usually really shy, besides being nocturnal.

This one, though, is the most brazen, attitude-filled little thing I've ever seen. Doesn't seem to much care who knows he's around. And Ella, our mighty, fierce huntress cat who will take down anything that moves, including rabbits nearly as big as she is, seems to have just shrugged and decided this is okay. Last night I went to give her dinner and he was right there and just... didn't leave. Scooted over a bit, and then just sat there a couple feet away. She just looked at him, then looked at me like, "Yeah, so? He's my roommate now. You gonna give me dinner, or what?"

He stayed there while I went to get her dinner and came back, like he was waiting to see if he'd get dinner too. Didn't head off to the other side of the garage until Ella practically stepped on him. She acted like he was invisible.


I mean, he's adorable. And I don't actually want him to get killed, because I love flying squirrels. But having one living in our house is probably not a good thing? Even if he hasn't done any noticeable harm yet. And. Uh. This cat is apparently going to be no help at all in figuring out what to do about it. (She killed a mouse last night and left it by the door, just to prove that she hasn't actually forgotten how to do her job.)

So... for now, we've got a kind-of-pet flying squirrel? And yet one more illustration of why our friends call us the home for confused animals.

I think I'll call him Sam. 
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Okay, so yesterday [livejournal.com profile] cairistiona7 was nice enough to give me some tips on photo editing and point me toward pixlr.com, so I've been playing around to see what I can do with a few more of my photos from the zoo trip last week.
Cut for pics! )

Also - happy Independence Day to all my American friends!

And happy birthday to Steve Rogers! \o/

Zoo trip!

Jul. 2nd, 2016 08:09 pm
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Had some fun stuff happening this week! Among other things, just finished up my first month as a full karate instructor (i.e. no longer assistant-instructor-in-training). I think it's going well - I've had some good feedback, at any rate!

The big event this week, though, was the trip Nef and I took in to the Cities to spend a couple days at the zoo. Officially, this was because our zoo membership was expiring and we wanted to get some more photos before it did (me for art/anatomy reference, her for graphic design), and they also had a new exhibit for the summer with anamatronic dinosaurs. Unofficially... we really wanted a getaway with just the two of us, and it was a good excuse.

It was an awesome trip, too! Couldn't have asked for nicer weather, the dinosaur exibit was very fun, and we ended up going to the bird show twice because it was so good. We basically hardly sat down for two days straight, and I don't even know how many miles we ended up walking - so pretty wiped out by the time we got home, but happy.

Nef got some really beautiful photos. I don't have a whole lot to share on that front, because though I took a fair amount I am a terrible photographer and was only using my phone, so I got quite a few that're useful for my reference purposes but not much that's particularly interesting or artistic in its own right. :P I think I'm getting a little better hang of photography generaly, though, so I've resolved to actually bring a proper camera that I know how to use next time.

I do have a few fun photos, though!

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If I can replicate it now, that is. XD
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Got the baby version of the Thor dragon done! LOL, Mjolnir looks kind of ridiculously big on his tail, but... I dunno, it seemed to work. 

(Big version's here.)

I think the next adult one done may be Coulson. Or maybe the polished version of Captain America. Or Fury. XD But I have some ideas for Coulson, so it'll probably be him. 

And a bit of an update on the Cap-puppy, because I can't resist the urge to post a picture. *g*

Ramblings about Captain )
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I almost got driven from my room by a moth last night. I don't mean in the "Ew, there's an insect in my general vicinity! *shrieks and flees*" sense. Nope, I'm not one to freak out over bugs. I find them fascinating, often pretty, I've had pet crickets, pet snakes-who-eat-crickets (erm... not at the same time), and I'm pretty much the go-to person when bugs, frogs, and other such creepy-crawlies somehow make their way inside. 

Bugs outside are great and interesting. Bugs inside, generally not so much. I draw the line at them being in my bed. Not cool. Especially when it's dark, and I don't have my glasses and am therefore feeling a bit vulnerable and off-balance as it is.

But all that's just set up for what happened last night.

The Epic Battle. )

Spring ^^

Mar. 17th, 2012 03:41 pm
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*happy sigh* Okay, I know that I've been pretty "meh" about Spring's approach, but... I'd forgotten how much I love the smell of it. Mmm. Even with no flowers yet - virtually nothing in the way of returning greener - it's so nice. Also, sunlight. Apparently it can do a lot to help with those feelings of general dragging around and "meh." My allergies and asthma are not quite so happy about it all, but ah well... It was actually nice enough that we ate out on the back porch last night. Yeah, the lake is still frozen solid, there are still patches of snow on the ground, but this is Minnesota, people. It was nice, And it was fun watching the birds while we ate. A pair of cranes even flew right over our deck. <3

Squirrels have also been going crazy, of course. Haven't seen the black ones yet this year, but the red and gray ones are plenty active, and I saw the one with the nearly-missing tail the other day (just has a little tuft like a rabbit tail - awfully cute, but I feel bad for the thing, hard as it must be to balance). The flying squirrels have also been raiding our suet, though we haven't caught sight of them recently. Apparently we've got a new squirrel hanging around, too. I've never seen anything quite like it before... pretty sure it must be some kind of crossbreed between the red and gray ones. It looked, essentially, like a gray squirrel - only it had a mohawk-like stripe of almost fluorescent orange running down the top of its head, down its back, and into the tail, which was almost entirely orange as well. Odd-looking, but really cute.  

Best of all... we heard from our breeder today. I didn't really talk about it here, because frankly I was just too upset and depressed at the time, but - the litter we were supposed to be getting a puppy from? Turned out to be a false pregnancy, so... no puppies. Considering how rare litters for this breed are, that meant we were extremely unlikely to have even another chance at getting on a waiting list for any of the breeders until sometime this fall. But. As it turns out, one of our breeder's dogs just came into heat two months early, so they're planning to breed her now. Which means there could be a puppy available for us in early August, if all goes well, since she's going to give us some priority for getting one from this litter. And yes, I am totally getting my hopes up already. I can't help it. I want so badly to have a dog again. 

And I've gotten a lot of writing done today. Maybe not a super-high word count, but I'd say more done progress-wise than in the whole last week. \o/

Also, my dad bought my jellybeans while he was out. I've been wanting jellybeans. 

Been a good day so far. ^^
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Okay, yes, I am officially killed by teh adorableness. *ded*

And speaking of cute... the litter from which we are (if all goes well!) supposed to get a puppy is due in a little less than a week now! *bounces* I can not wait to actually meet the little ones. \o/ 

Of course, this means that The Naming Crisis is rapidly coming to a head. You see, around here, naming a pet is a major undertaking, necessitating multiple earnest family discussions, sometimes lasting till midnight or so, in addition to the day-to-day tossing back and forth of ideas. This is A Big Deal.

And we still have no idea what we're going to go with.

Ideally, really, we'd love to come up with another Lord of the Rings-themed name. Trouble is, we're not really particularly fond of most hobbity or dwarvish names for a dog, but the more dignified human and elvish ones tend to be rather a mouthful, and not have any good nicknames. We we've hit a dead end there for the time being. 

We've discussed Griffin (or, probably, Gryphon), which I quite like. The guys are kind of "meh" about it, though. They are bound and determined to have a dog named Cooper (they actually wanted to name Strider that). Which Nef and I have declared is Not gonna happen. I'm actually terribly fond of Sherlock as a dog's name, but it, unfortunately, has some rather negative past connotations - some years ago, after our neighbor's kids spent most of a summer listening to our dad read nearly the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes tales aloud to us, they named their new dog Sherlock. Which would've been cool, except he turned out to be a rather nasty, ugly, mean, not especially brilliant little thing that only really liked their (honestly, terrifying) mother, barked incessantly at the most inconvenient times, and was unpredictably nippy. So... hmm, not out of the question, but yeah. Tiro is also a good possibility. (Okay, yes, so maybe Neffie and I are just a teeny little bit obsessed with Roman history. *g*) I honestly thought, given some of the general breed characteristics, Neal would be an awesome possibility, but that one was firmly shot down by certain male members of our household. ;D

There've been other possibilities tossed around with varying degrees of seriousness, but really we don't even have any clear frontrunners at the moment. And yeah, you might say that maybe when we actually see the puppy inspiration will strike... but I kind of doubt that's gonna be a miraculous solution to our dilemma. I foresee much, much more discussion in the upcoming weeks. Um... outside opinions/suggestions are definitely welcome. XD

And speaking of dogs... We're in the midst of minor adventure with one at the moment.

Puppy! Puppy, puppy, puppy! I am so dog-deprived right now it's not even funny, )


Dec. 8th, 2011 11:30 pm
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Soyeah. I'm sick. :/ Not great timing in the middle of holiday baking and all, but then... there's rarely a really good time to get sick. Ah well...

I have also discovered that, much as I love Mozzie as a character, I hate writing from his POV. Even if it is the best one for this story. It intimidates me, and it's been slowing the pace of my writing down to even more of a crawl than usual, because I can not figure out if I'm getting it right. *sigh* But y'know what? I have discovered an awesome writing exercise for those times when I just can't seem to get past that tendency to over-think and second-guess and just sit down and write. Brainstorm with a couple of six-year-olds. Seriously. If that doesn't loosen you up and get the creativity flowing... XD

Yeah, had a great time with the kids Nef and I watch every Thursday. The younger girl had a friend over, and they wanted to write. A retelling of the Nativity story, to be precise. As it turned out, a truly unique version, in which the angel, after announcing Jesus' birth, then conspires with the innkeeper to kidnap him. Fortunately, Superchicken and his sidekick the sheepdog were there to save the day! And there was great rejoicing. Yes, I nearly died of the giggles. It was hysterical. 

Anyhow, being sick sometimes has a tendency to inspire odd fits of creativity in me, even when I'm all but brain-dead (eh, dulling of inhibitions, probably, 'cause I'm too tired to overthink?), so I'm actually feeling rather hopeful now for the possibility of pushing through and finishing this thing in the near future. (The White Collar story, that is, not the girls' Nativity retelling. XD I want to fiiinish this so I can actually focus on the long one Neffie and I are coauthoring!) 

And on that note... a few random fun mostly-vaguely-WC-related things that I've been saving up, meaning to share but never quite getting around to it.

News articles and... other stuff. )


Feb. 16th, 2011 06:03 pm
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 Sooo.... I've found the dream pet I want to own someday. A male Savannah cat, probably third or fourth generation. I want, so very, very much. <3

What's that? 

Cross a Serval with a domestic cat. Result? A big, long-limbed, very intelligent cat, with markings like a Serval. Uses a litterbox and eats cat food like a housecat. They'll make noises like both housecats and wildcats. Also perfectly tame, affectionate, loyal, good with children, loves dogs, gets along well with other cats, can be fairly easily trained like a dog - will come when called, willingly walk on a leash, fetch... - likes swimming, not particularly prone to any diseases, and has a lifespan comparable to a domestic cat. Talk about the best of both worlds. 

Could it get any cooler? :D 

Well yes, yes it could. It would be much cooler if they weren't incredibly expensive.

But oh, someday.... *wistful*


Feb. 11th, 2011 10:21 pm
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 My Strider-puppy is so good. Some days I just have to stop and hug him because he's such a sweetie. 

Take tonight. Ella the Trouble-Making Kitty decided that it'd be fun to jump up on the kitchen counter when no one was watching and tear open a bag of bread rolls. She then proceeded to knock one to the floor in the course of her playing. 

Now Strider likes bread. Really, really likes it. So it stands to reason he'd take advantage of the situation, right? Scarf down that roll while no one's watching - who's gonna know the difference? 

But no.

What did he do? He picked up the roll, came downstairs to where we were watching a movie, went straight over to Dad, and gave it to him. Didn't take a bite, didn't even grip it in his teeth tight enough to tear it. Nope, Mister Good Conscience decided he needed permission first. 

And yes, of course he got to eat a good part of the roll (it was a big one, didn't want to make him sick with the whole thing). Plus plenty of praise. He's still prancing around looking terribly pleased with himself. ;D
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Pippin died this morning. He seemed to be doing a lot better for a while, but... these last few days he's gone downhill quickly. 

My plans for the day have mostly gone out the window, considering I spent the morning alternating between crying and trying not to throw up. (Flu shot I got yesterday is having nasty side effects, worse than I can remember them ever being before.)

Hard as it was to have things drag on so long, I am thankful that we had the time to really say goodbye, and especially spend some time just cuddling him the last few days. He loved getting to be with people so much. Even right at the end, when he could hardly walk without falling over, if he saw us opening the door to his cage he would come over, wanting to be picked up.

Honestly, for the most part I'm doing better than I have been for some time. Partly it's a relief not to be worrying and wondering anymore - whether there's something else I could be doing for him, whether what I am doing is only making it worse by prolonging things... Usually with such little animals there's not much time to even consider things, they'll get sick and they die with little or no warning. But Pippin fought so hard, and hung on for almost a month. In a way I feel like I've been grieving for him for weeks already. 
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I've seen some... interesting writing around town lately.

Take this, at the movie rental place:


Since the fine print isn't legible, you'll have to take my word for what it says underneath: See store for details. (It says the same thing twice, nothing else.) Nope, no "Free rentals to Kids." No "Free Kids' Movies." Nothing. Simply the statement that they are giving away kids here. I would think that one would get in trouble for such things.

Then there's this advertisement for a jazz concert:


Check out the part in the pink circle. Not only a random quote not attributed to anyone, but... erm, devastating? This is the word they choose to try to convince people to come? I've been wracking my mind to try to figure out what similar-sounding word they might have meant. I can come up with plenty that would've worked better... but none of them really look or sound anything like "devastating." Quite unique, that. Appropriate enough for a very sad, dramatic movie, maybe, but a jazz band? Herm.


*blows smoke away from her pistol*

Pics of mah four-footed babies :D )
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Meh. Lately I have felt so worn out and vaguely depressed and just completely distracted. And the stupid thing is, I have no actual reason for it, other than this last weekend having left me completely wiped out. But even that was mostly a really good time, and by this point it's really pushing the whole recovering from an exhausting few days thing a little far. Which has led me to wonder if I might be coming down with something, but... eh.

Anyway, things have been looking up today.

Rambings on... stuff.  )

Edit: Oops. Sorry about the defective LJ-cut. *facepalm* You can blame that on the defective computer. And defective internet connection. Er... and defective brain. *g*
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Nope, haven't fallen off the edge of the earth - just a tad busy. Editing latest issue of teh magazine, Mom and Dad have been gone a few days celebrating their 25th anniversary, busy time for Eric's golf tournaments, and getting ready for Grandma coming in - eep, 'bout two weeks! Also, trying to write, but not succeeding very well. *pokes stories*

Not doing bad, though. We're thoroughly enjoying having a dock on the lake. Yay, lots of fishing! And we've got a whole bunch of torches to light the dock and path down by the lake. Going out there at night, through a yard just full of fireflies, to a lake lit up by flames and the moon, with so many bright stars in the sky... It's just so magical, I can still hardly believe we actually live here. :D

Hehe, and we now have a turtle living in the lake that'll come when called and eat out of our hands. Add one more to our Home for Confused Animals! XD It's so cuuute... Now we just need a name for it. I'm thinkin' maybe Fischel.... *g*

ETA: o.o While I am still enjoying the BBC Robin Hood TV series, there is one thing I will say. I would not recommend the series finale. Seriously. That is positively the most idiotic end to a Robin Hood story I have ever seen or heard of. I'm sorry, that is just not poetic or dramatic - that's stupid. Sometimes, I hate TV series writers. *goes off grumbling*


May. 9th, 2009 10:15 pm
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Well, I'm home! And very, very tired. So, because I have had a stressful and exhausting day, I decided to do a post of random funnies, and a couple miscellaneous thoughts.

Many funny pics, and two random ponderings )

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(NOTE: I feel like declaring right up front here that, while this post might be said to have something of a fishy theme, it has nothing whatsoever to do with April Fools day. While I'm most definitely not immune to amusement at a well-played prank - yes, even ones of which I'm a victim - and have quite enjoyed those which I've come across via the internet today, I'm not generally one to perpetrate such things myself. And I'm not really in the mood to think up anything today, anyway. So - no need to look deeper than the surface, wondering if there's a joke, here. ;) )

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Well, I've been snowed in for the last two days. Unfortunately, life has not been particularly kind of late, so rather than the couple of peaceful days to catch up on stuff that I might've expected, things have been rather crazy, culminating today in a marked increase in my recent computer woes, complete with virus (which I am still not entirely certain I have dealt with effectively). And I burnt my fingers while cooking. Heh.

So, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I have decided to post some cool stuff I've come across recently.

Prank-free zone - just random neat stuff.  )

I fail.

Oct. 22nd, 2008 12:52 pm
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Yeah... apparently I'm a failure as a foster mom for birds.

Think I told most of you that a pair of our friends' parakeets started nesting. So, they asked if we'd be interested in taking them for a while, to help raise the babies and tame them when they hatch. Being the animal person around here, and the one who's the most read up on the subject, I've been kind of the head of operations.The parents are so absolutely sweet together, and they'd already laid two eggs - the usual number for parakeets is 3 to 5. Raising three or four little baby birds sounded like so much fun, and I was so excited. I was even more excited when the momma bird just kept laying... and laying... until she wound up with a total of seven eggs. It was so cute, seeing her try to spread such a small body over so many eggs - not to mention the way the male would just hover over her and sing to her. 

And then suddenly she just stopped sitting on the eggs, threw them all out of the box, and punched holes in their sides. Needless to say, we were... upset. But then after a couple days she started laying again - a total of three this time. I wanted so badly to get things right this time around, was so careful not to let them get disturbed, and everything seemed to be finally going well. Until, after about a week of sitting on them, she did the same thing again. 

I know there was likely nothing I could have done to change it, and she probably did it for a reason, knew they weren't viable anyway, something. But I still can't help wondering if there was something I did, or didn't do, or... *sighs* And I feel so sad over ten baby birds that never even had a chance at living. Maybe I'm being overdramatic, and I shouldn't get so upset over losing animals, but... I just feel like crying.

In other news... my cousin was hit by a semi while biking this morning. A hit-and-run, since the driver didn't stop at all, but with a truck that big it's possible they didn't realize what had happened. She's alive, and should recover well, but she's already had one surgery today, and needs another within the next few days. So... yeah. Since they're in Arizona, there's so little we can do for them, and news is kind of limited. Yet more unsaved family members I would very much appreciate prayers for - both her, and her mother, my dad's sister.

Heh, we've got so few relatives, I'm starting to suspect that they're all going to go into crisis at once...

In happier news, the meteorologists are saying we might get some snow today. That'd definitely be nice. *looks out at the rain hopefully*

Gotta get back to work.

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Well, we've still had some crazy/stressful happenings of late. Nothing too catastrophic, though. Heh, between the birds and the cats alone we've had quite a bit of drama going on... No trouble actually between the various species, though, ironically enough. Our primary problem with them at the moment is that one of our cats decided to go absolutely insane, Sunday night, and still hasn't regained her senses.

Kitties, Editing, and Karate - what a mix... )

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So, we were driving into town the other day, and came to a T intersection. At that intersection, naturally, there is a road sign with an arrow pointing in each direction. You know, the kind that looks rather like this: [ <---> ] Someone had written on that sign. Now normally I don't approve of graffiti, but I had to smile at this one. Under the right arrow, they'd written the name of the nearby small town. On the left, they'd simply written, "Boonies". Guess which side we live on? Yep, we be country folk now. ;D

We've had a few animal-related happenings of late...


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