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Not being in a romantic relationship, Valentine's day tends to be pretty much a non-event for me. We do some things as a family, though, and it's been a bit of a tradition for us siblings to get something little for each other.
Valentine's and Star Wars randomness )
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Guess who's currently in possession of five cats!

Actually, to be precise, due to Adventures in Petsitting combined with our own animals, we currently have five cats, a dog, and a bird.

Of the inter-species pairs, only the dog and bird can be safely left in a room together. Due to either feuding, Great Trauma, or unfamiliarity, only two of the cats can be left together unsupervised. And our house... does not have an abundance of areas with doors that can be closed off.

Trying to navigate the days right now is like a super complicated version of one of those "you need to get a fox, a chicken, and a bag of grain across the river" logic puzzles. And my ability to concentrate on getting anything useful done is... very close to zero at the moment. XD

Fortunately, despite all the insanity, our visiting kitties are terribly, terribly sweet.

They're also just a little too smart for their own good. They've already figured out how to turn on the washing machine alllll by themselves. Heh. 
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For anyone on my flist who might be interested in doing short gen fic! You don't have to be a member of the comm to participate. :)

Sitting on the beach, wishing for a low key, multi-fandom, gen fic exchange? Then sign up for the Summer Ficlet Excange at [ profile] great_tales! Signups open until July 29th.


Apr. 29th, 2015 08:44 pm
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Happy birthday, [ profile] suzll! I hope you've had a really great one!


Feb. 11th, 2015 03:46 pm
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Did anyone else watch the YouTube halftime show? Because I didn't. Buuuut.... this video came up as an "ad" before another video I was watching, and I just. I love it. I've had the song stuck in my head for two days straight now. I've lost track of how many times I've listened to it. It's sad, really.

So naturally, I must do my best to infect others.

I do enjoy a good song that's not just upbeat but has lyrics that could apply in a wide variety of situations and time periods. ^^
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Somewhat belated merry Christmas all around! I've been enjoying seeing all your Christmas posts, even if I haven't been doing a ton of replying.

Christmas was a bit low-key around here, due to Mom having the flu (which then promptly hit me yesterday... kinda cannot brain now). Really not fair when you get both the flu shot and the flu itself, but I had heard they did a particularly bad job this year of predicting which strains to protect against.

It was mostly good, though. Lots of hanging around together, watching Netfix, 'n such. And I got some great presents! Lots of books (not all of which have arrived yet), music, and tea-themed stuff. Turns out, Earl Grey Tea lip balm is amaaaaaazing. I also got a "Sherlock's Study" scented candle, which is hilarious and awesome.

Since Eric's got some post-Christmas time during his winter break, Dad took some time off work. So... Jan. 1st - if we're not all hacking up a lung at that point XP - we're planning on draving south to New Orleans for about a week. Eric and Dad are hoping it'll be warm enough for them to bike a lot (winters in Minnesota are loooong, and as into it as they've been this year they're feeling deprived now), while Nef, Mom, and I... probably hang out at coffee shops and find interesting food to eat, mostly. I've never been there before, so it should be fun. ^^


Oct. 3rd, 2014 05:54 pm
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Soooo, I've been a tad scarce around here this seek. Been checking in some, but I haven't been replying to stuff because I've been out of town and trying to focus. Y'see, [ profile] nefhiriel and I are both getting to the very end of the novels we've been working on, and our Mom - who's also a writer - is just starting out a new book, and basically... we decided to have a girls-only writing retreat to see how much we could get done without cooking and cleaning and other RL concerns intruding. I thought about saying something before I left, but... I guess I didn't want to wind up slinking back in shame if I froze up and couldn't get as much done as I'd hoped? I am seriously a stupidly slow writer.

Anyhow! We drove up to the hotel we were staying at Monday, and just got back tonight. It was really, really nice - we managed to get an excellent price on a suite that actually had two separate bedrooms, plus a sitting area and kitchenette, so it was super convenient. We basically ended up writing at the hotel for a while in the mornings, then going to a coffee shop and writing more, then going out for a late lunch, then going to another coffee shop, then picking up dinner and heading back to the hotel to work a little longer and/or crash and watch TV.

In the end, I wrote something over 12,000 words, and am basically finished with the draft of my book now except for the very last scene - which is planned, and partially written. SO HAPPY. Especially since a big chunk of that was on two stupid-hard battle scenes, which have been giving me grief for the longest time. I knew what needed to happen in terms of the characters' emotional arc, and I had a good idea of previously-set-up elements that needed to be involved somehow, but... sorting out the details of how it could all make sense within the limitations of the world and the villains' previously-established weaknesses without getting ridiculously overcomplicated was such a pain. I'd have finished the thing months ago if I could've just written, "They fought a mighty battle. The good guys were clever and won. The bad guys were also clever, but moderately less so, and also villainous, and so they lost. Yay! The end." XD

Probably not so very impressive to those of you who regularly turn out writing at that rate, but as I said - incredibly slow writer, here. So I am very, very happy. Better still, it's coming out exactly at the midpoint of ideal-wordcount-range for the genre, so I've got plenty of room for either trimming or adding in revision without worries about length.

Mom and Neffie also got a lot done (though Nef didn't quite get her book finished as she'd hoped, since technical issues cropped up with the second-to-last scene), so all in all I'd count it a great success.

My poor dog was so sad, though. My brother sent me a picture - apparently instead of going to him for company, Captain decided to stay right by my chair, waiting for me to come back. He's lying on top of my foot now, all cuddled up. ^^
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Tonight a spider appeared on our dinner table. Dad promptly killed it, but was holding it in his hand, and my sister freaked out, not wanting him to get it near her, which he found highly amusing. I told him he was acting like one of the little boys we babysit, doing something and then just sitting there, grinning, waiting to see people's reaction. So... for some reason - I guess to refute the assertion that he was acting like a little boy? - he ate it. Yes, the spider. Taking great pains to ensure we could see that he really was eating it, not faking.

[ profile] nefhiriel may never recover.


My family, you guys. My family. XD
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In order to spread positive thinking, list three positive things of your day for five days in a row, and tag three people to do this meme.

I thought I might have to postpone the final day of the meme till tomorrow, because today's been... yeah. Spent far too much time crying and fed up with life. The evening turned around considerably, though, so...

1. Prayers answered just when I'm about ready to give up on even trying to figure anything in my life out.

2. My sister is awesome. And, when necessary, not above handing me back the same good advice I've given her on many occasions. :P

3. Even if I felt like most of the day was an exercise in frustration, I actually finished laundry, ironing, cleaned downstairs, and am now further ahead on my editing deadlines than I thought. Not too bad for a day's accomplishment, even if I am still kinda behind on email replies. ^^
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In order to spread positive thinking, list three positive things of your day for five days in a row, and tag three people to do this meme.

1. I think my formatter may have finally found a workable solution to the issue I have been struggling with for months. I have put so many hours into this ebook, it's ridiculous. When you've written a book about pixel art and how to create it... it's kinda important to have the actual art display properly, y'know? Unfortunately, after writing the book, having it edited, editing it again, polishing everything, getting alllll the images ready, checking and re-checking various ebook guidelines... it appeared that, despite every bit of advice I could get (including writing to Amazon for help), and all evidence seeming to indicate that it should work, the images would invariably be changed badly during the process of converting to the .mobi file. And the formatter I finally broke down and went to for expertise wasn't sure he could get it to work properly either. Seriously, you have no idea how insane I have been going over this. The final solution may not be absolutely ideal, but I think it's going to be workable. And, y'know, not defeat the entire purpose of writing a book about art. XD

2. My dog is a ridiculous goofball. Really, really ridiculous. And he's taken to draping himself across me at every opportunity even more insistantly than usual. In a 70-pound dog, this is amusing.

3. I think I may have finally worked out why my MC is dragging his feet over cooperating with what I want him to do in this crucial scene. \o/ Fine, you want more driving motivation? I'll give you motivation. I was going to give you part of what you wanted now, instead of saving it all for the end of the book, but if you're gonna get stubborn on me then you can just wait. (Annnd, this may also solve part of my nagging feeling that another character needed to play a more crucial role before the end.)
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The meme: In order to spread positive thinking, list three positive things of your day for five days in a row, and tag three people to do this meme.

1. Got an email back from an author whose book I've been editing. It needed really extensive work (both on the technical side, and in broader revisions), and I was concerned that she might be discouraged when she saw how much revision she needed to do - especially since she was really hoping to get the book to the printer in the near future for her planned release date. But she was absolutely delighted by my suggestions (to the point of writing in all caps about how much she loved my work), got right down to fixing things, and really wants to work with me again on her future projects. Pretty much made my day. :)

2. And speaking as I did yesterday of it starting to feel like Fall - the current temperature's in the 40s and dropping. Time to break out the tea and start thinking about laying fires in the fireplace! Such cozy writing weather.

3. I've been plugging away off and on at learing to play the Piano Guys' "All of Me" for a while now, and while I've still got a long ways to go to where I want it to be... it's starting to sound quite good. One of those songs that just makes me smile. ^^
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The meme: In order to spread positive thinking, list three positive things of your day for five days in a row, and tag three people to do this meme.

1. A nice, peaceful day at home. Particularly nice for being unexpected - I originally thought I was going to be spending most of the day running around town.

2. The trees are starting to turn color! I'm looking forward to seeing Fall really set in even more than usual this year.

3. I got a decent amount of writing done - and managed to catch a plot hole before it became a real issue (I hope). Also got some more painting done!
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Grabbing this one from [ profile] cairistiona7. Heh, it was either this or sit in a corner and cry in frustration over certain other things, so... let's focus on the good, shall we?

The meme: In order to spread positive thinking, list three positive things of your day for five days in a row, and tag three people to do this meme.

1. Dad fixed my bedroom door last night! It's been sticking and scraping really loudly for a while now. With Nef and me sharing a room, that's meant that whenever one of us needs to get up during the night, or she wants to get up early to write... it's been more than a leetle aggravating. :P Blissful silence at last!

2. I got a ton of work done today and was able to send one of my current editing projects back to the author. With the biggest project done for now, I should finally be able to get more of my own writing done tomorrow!

3. Today, for the first time in months, I really felt like working on art. So I did. I think I've got my long-in-progress Falcon/Sam Wilson-as-a-dragon painting done - and I think I'm even happy with the way it turned out, overall. ^^

And just because -

4. Had awesome delicious sauteed squash with dinner, and then, because I've been hungry all day for something really chocolatey, made lava cake, which shall be coming out of the oven in just a few minutes.
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So, over at [ profile] great_tales there's a variation of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" going around. (Details here - no donations to charities or actual dousing with water, just a bit of fun. Within 24 hours of being nominated, you need to post a fic or piece of art involving an ice bucket, set in any fandom you choose.) As [ profile] goldvermilion87 nominated me... here I am. :)

LOTR may not be the most obvious choice, but eh, it was the first thing that popped into my head. Also, it has a way of reigniting my enthusiasm for writing.

Ice Bucket Challenge fic! )
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 Whelp, this took me long enough. One crisis after another—mostly on others’ parts, with me playing a supporting role—followed by basically a complete emotional collapse on my part, complete with my body deciding to throw in plenty of protests against... everything. I think I’m finally getting back on an up swing, though, so I finally got around to finishing this. And because it’s taken so long, I’m not gonna go back through and edit too much, so—hopefully nothing proves to be too incoherent. :P

Lotsa books under the cut! )


Jun. 20th, 2014 04:07 pm
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Well, I'm back. ^^

Had a lovely trip, did lots of fun stuff, and read... 22 books, and about 50 pages of the 23rd. More details, and brief reviews of the books I read as usual, to follow when I get the chance!

I've got a ridiculous number of things to catch up on now, naturally. And tomorrow I'll be spending the vast majority of the day helping a friend's family cook and set up for her graduation party - and then Sunday afternoon will be helping host, and probably clean up afterward. So I'm kinda hitting the ground running, here. XD

Still, this trip always leaves me refreshed and ready to go like no other vacation can. Not "ready to be home" because I'm tired of traveling, but really mentally rested and eager to get back to work. It's a good feeling.

Hope life's been good to you all in the meantime! *hugs all around*
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...for now. XD I'm getting ready to head out of town Wednesday on our annual trip to the cabin my family's been renting for the last 23 years. Lots of reading, swimming, going for walks and bike rides, and... did I mention reading? Last year I read 21 books in about 9 days. We shall see if the same happens this time around. ^^

I didn't get around to making my usual request for book recommendations this year, but it turns out I had plenty between the various "to read" notes I've been taking the last few months. I think I've got... 26 books, plus another dozen or so new ones on my tablet. (Because even though half the point of the vacation for me is to be off electronics as much as possible, so I've been resisting switching to ebooks... well, backups and all that. *bg*)

Anyhow! This being traditionally my time to disconnect from technology as much as possible, while I may check my email a couple of times after Tuesday night it's likely going to be a couple weeks before anyone sees me 'round the 'nets. Shall catch up when I get back! In the meantime, if you need to get my attention emails or direct messages are the place I'll see it first when I do check in. 

Home again

Apr. 21st, 2014 06:38 pm
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Wedding was absolutely lovely. I am absolutely exhausted and have a lot to catch up on. More later, probably.

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THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. I want to see it like a hundred times before it leaves theaters.

Holy cow. I LOVE EVERYONE. The people I already loved I love even more, which I didn’t think was possible. The people I anticipated liking I adored. The people I wasn’t so sure I would like were absolutely amazing. Why must you make me so happy and simultaneously break my heart into teeny pieces? ;_;

So yeah. There may be more specific flailings at some point once I’m coherent again. My only real gripe at this point’s the ending. Because WHAT. Seriously, how do you stop THERE?!

I was really scared I might be getting my hopes up too high for this movie and therefore bound for disappointment, but - yeah, not so much. *g*

I can has next Captain America movie for my birthday next week? XD

(Not sure how many of my LJ friends are Marvel fans, but felt the need to flail here as well as Tumblr. Because - !!!!!)


Apr. 2nd, 2014 07:21 pm
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Heh, I realized that, though I've been keeping up with others' new posts, it's been quite some time since I've actually posted something here myself. Oops.

Been buuuusy. Among other things, lots of editing work, working on writing two original novels (yeeeah, it was just one last time I posted here... then stuff happened and I'm about 12,000 words into another coauthored one as well) at least one of which should be finished by the end of the summer, need to finish formatting my finished nonfiction ebook, trying to keep up with some artwork, getting all the details worked out for being a bridesmaid in [ profile] scarvenartist's wedding (pretty sure I have mentioned that?)... Lots of fun stuff, but lots of busyness.

Also, [ profile] scarvenartist was just up here to visit us! Which was an absolute blast, particularly since it's been a couple of years since she was able to make it up here. We mostly sat around and talked... a lot... *g* But we also did some really fun baking! Of which there are pics under the cut...
Cake and Karate pictures. Though not both at the same time. )


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