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Soooo... A Hobby Lobby just opened up in town. This is a thing which we have never had before, and I have therefore only occasionally seen them when I'm on vacation.

As it turns out, this is the one store in which I have Absolutely No Impulse Control. They were also, in celebration of their grand opening, having a bunch of cool sales. Including 50% off such things as... this.


Apologies for the largish picture, but IS IT NOT BEAUTIFUL?

Okay, I'll cut for the other pics now, which were the actual reason I went to Hobby Lobby in the first place.

I was having trouble finding a good display case for the fossils. None of the craft stores and such in town seemed to have anything decent, and I'd looked online and found a couple options, but nothing that really seemed like quite what I wanted. I'd found one okay one, but it didn't seem very durable so I was hesitating to order.

Turned out, Hobby Lobby did indeed have several verrrry nice options - which were also half off. \o/ They had small ones that would've been just the right size, but would've been much trickier to open whenever I wanted to arrange or take them out. The only hinged option I really liked was a bit big... but I guess that means that I'll have to get a few more to fill things out properly? *g*


And with the lid closed:

I'm quite happy with the way it looks! (Heheh, even if I couldn't quite get the label maker to center properly.)

Also, I did lie about one thing. I do have a little impulse control. Maybe. Because they also had these amazing knobs -


- and I didn't buy one. Yet. AND they had adorable detailed Spinosaurus and T-Rex toys models, which I didn't get pictures of. Or buy. But since we now have this in our town, and I could at any time go back and buy some... The jury's still out.

Yes, I am a total dork, I am aware. But hey, at least I'm a happy one?
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