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Okay, so, I meant to post about this earlier in the week, but never got the photos I wanted while the light was good.

But yes, I had a really, really nice birthday! Mostly just a relaxing, low-key day - though the surpise snowstorm in the afternoon was an interesting bit of excitement. And yes, the salted caramel truffle ice cream cake was every bit as good as it sounded.

And, you guys, my family got me actual fossils. I HAVE DINOSAUR TEETH. And they are gorgeous.

Ahem. I am juuuuust a little bit excited, can you tell?

(BTW,  yes, I'm aware that pterosaurs, mosasaurs, and crocodiles aren't technically classified as dinosaurs. Just easier to refer to them collecitvely that way.)

Crocodile Tooth SM


Mosasaur Tooth SM


Pterosaur Tooth SM

Sirroccopteryx marocensis (pterosaur)

Raptor Tooth SM

Deltadromeus agilis (raptor)

Spinosaur Tooth SM

Spinosaur (the largest known carnivorous dinosaur!)

Are they not AWESOME? :D I can not even convey how excited I am right now. I never, ever thought it'd be possible to afford fossils beyond, maybe, an ammonite or sand dollar or somesuch. But it turns out that because, like sharks, a lot of dinosaurs actually shed their teeth regularly and grew new ones, there are a lot more teeth available for purchase than I would've guessed. And they are amazing.

Also! They gave me the coolest lamp. Lookit this thing!

Lamp SM1
Lamp SM2

Yeah, it was hard to get a good picture with it lit to show how cool it is. The vintage-Edison-style bulb looks so great, and it's nicely bright-but-not-blinding.

On a related note - I am verrrry much looking forward to watching The Force Awakens again, now that I have the DVD. :D
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